How To Achieve Healthy Natural Lips For Fall?

This fall season is heavily focused on eyes and lips that don’t try to compete. But pulling off a smooth set of neutral lips to support the overall look doesn’t come as naturally as you’d think. Some other trends show a continuation of bold lip colours that make a strong statement, and this requires a silky palate, too. Either way, you’ll need healthy, moisturized lips as a base for intense colours or to show bare out there.

How to Get Healthy looking Natural Lips?

natural lips

With fall comes cooler, drier weather and the need for special lip care to prevent flakes, peeling and cracked lips. Fall lip trends sit at opposite ends of the spectrum – bare neutrals in natural matte or subtle shine, or intense reds and a wide range of rich burgundies. Natural lips make the bold yellows, blues, pinks, and green eyeshadows pop because they’re not competing for attention or clashing. But nothing will draw the eyes away from a glamorous golden aura around your deep brown or bright blue irises like cracked, reddened lips. There is no lip colour that can cover up damaged lips with poor texture. Think of it as trying to paint on a rippled, scratched, or ripped canvas – it doesn’t matter how quality your paint or your brushing technique is – it’s going to look bad.

We have an increased tendency to want to lick dry lips to moisten them but avoid this temptation:

Because it makes the problem much worse. Instead, keep your lips moisturized during the day with a quality product like lip balm from Grown Alchemist which features an all-natural watermelon & vanilla formula that has anti-oxidants and vitamins, made without chemical ingredients. It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects lips while giving a soft and shiny neutral look perfect for fall.

For cracked lips:

Choose a lip protector or balm that contains an ointment to wear at night. We breathe through our mouths for much of the night and lips need an extra shield. It can be thicker and applied around the lips as well; because it’s night time, the unsightly shine doesn’t matter. Health experts advise avoiding camphor, menthol, eucalyptus in lip products because they have a drying effect. So, toss away that extra minty lip chap made with chemicals – it might feel tingly but it’s worsening the problem. It’s tempting to excessively rub the peeling stick on your chapped and cracked lips with your finger because it feels smoother when you do, but this also causes cracks to happen. The application of ointment at night and a quality balm during the day, plus gently rubbing any excess skin off with a soft towel after you cleanse your face will take care of flakes and peels.

We’re moving away from all-matter all-the-time in every wild shade, but matte is still appearing in the form of au-naturel style. Matte lipsticks can feel drying and they don’t work with peeling lips because the flakes are all the more obvious on a flat, solid plane. Wait until your lips are in better condition for matte and stick to a moisturizing neutral balm until then. The subtle, natural sheen from a balm looks great with the creative and dramatic liners and glitters of the season, anyway!

For extra help with dry lips and skin, drink plenty of water and use a humidifier in the home to help with the air quality.