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How to Drop a hint to get your desired and perfect Engagement Ring ?

Getting a perfect engagement ring is one of the biggest challenges men will ever face. For most of them, this is the first and likely (and hopefully) the last time they have to buy a piece of jewelry so expensive and meaningful. And while it’s still nice to be surprised and still get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, in some cases you will need to push the love of your life in the right direction.

But first, you have to be able to recognize your boyfriend’s intention. Being in a long relationship is one of the prerequisites, though it doesn’t have to mean anything. If you notice your boyfriend is acting all weird about your budget or if he has been stealing the rings from your jewelry box, chances are he is planning to propose. Sometimes, they’ll even drop some hints themselves and ask you what you think about this or that ring.

How to get the perfect engagement ring?

If not, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Here are a couple of ways you can drop the love of your life a few hints on the style of the engagement ring you want.

Leave It for Him to See by “Accident”



Probably the easiest way to drop an engagement ring hint is to leave it out in the open. Browse through Pinterest or Google the type of ring you’d like to get, then leave the browser open for him to see. If he’s looking for hints himself, he’ll be so thrilled to conveniently find this one he probably won’t even realize you left it there on purpose. On the other hand, if you’ve misread his intentions to propose, he might be in for a shocking surprise. Just keep a little patience while he scrolls over those rings on the screen.

Comment on the Celebrities’ Rings



This is one of the best uses of social media there is. Celebrities get engaged all the time, and most of them are quick to post a picture of their shiny engagement ring on Instagram. While casually browsing your feed, show him the rings you like and don’t like. Explain why that princess cut diamond looks great and how you would wear it with your favorite black dress. He’ll get the hint.

Ask a Friend to Step In


If you’ve already had “the talk”, a good way to drop a hint would be to ask your best friend to step in. Tell your friend what style of engagement ring you’d want to get, so she can help your future husband choose something you’ll fall for. Most men still want to keep the proposal a surprise, even if you’ve seriously talked about it before. Therefore, your friend could act as your ambassador. Make sure you love the ring they choose while still getting genuinely surprised.

Show and Tell


If all else fails and your boyfriend can’t pick up on the breadcrumbs you’re leaving for him here is the perfect solution. Next time you’re in town walk him past a reputable jewelry store and show him the rings you like. Don’t be too straightforward. Just tell him that you’d love to get this ring or that ring if you ever get engaged.