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How to Be Happy Alone in your Life Easily?

You must have often wondered “Why do I feel so alone?” whenever you are without company and your usual social circle is not around you. And suppose you have moved to a new city and do not know a soul there. Or you are currently not seeing anyone which would mean you are single. It is at times like these that you have thought about how to be happy alone. Being alone is often viewed upon as a negative aspect of life which is often associated with loneliness. But it is all a matter of perception because being alone can lead to you gaining solitude and space in your busy day-to-day life.

How to Be Happy Alone?

In the monotony of your daily routine if you have pondered over the question of how to be happy alone then what you really need is a change of perspective towards your lifestyle choices. Here are a few activities which will enable you to make yourself happy when you are all by yourself.

1. Treat yourself:

reading book

Once you understand the concept of self-love, then you will realize how to be happy alone. When you feel alone and want to go outdoors, take yourself out. It is not necessary that you should be accompanied by someone every time. There are numerous avenues to explore while you are outdoors that will take the load off your mind. Go to the matinee and watch any movie, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad. You can also go on a museum tour or to an art gallery for instance. Immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere of the place.

Discover the city with new eyes by exploring its various shades. Book-stores and libraries are welcoming places where you can get lost in an intellectual adventure. Check if there are concerts happening in your city and book a show to treat yourself to a beautiful musical evening. Finally, you ought to pamper yourself by spending on a rejuvenating experience like a spa treatment or a stress-buster like shopping.

2. Follow your passion


If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you have to reconsider and reorient your life goals towards a new sense of purpose which may fulfill your deepest interests. This again points to the question of how to be happy alone because only when you are on your own can you then your direct all your unexploited potential to your hobbies and passions.

For example, devote your time to doing something creative like writing. Keep a journal and write in it every day for at least 15 minutes. This will improve your mood and increase your mental capacity. After that, you can practice daily and begin by writing proper prose or poetry. Engage in expressive writing, it would be more like a writing therapy– write your own personal narrative; it is a cathartic exercise. Follow your heart by investing your time and effort on your passion and hobbies. This will definitely reap benefits in the future.

Other interests you can pursue include music and art. Take lessons, learn to play an instrument- a guitar maybe-there are online tutorials available for that. Draw, sketch, and paint- unleash your creativity. Learn a new language- it will challenge your mind. Pick up a camera and start capturing what you feel is worth photographing and hone your skills. In a matter of time, you can become a thorough professional.

3. Traveling Solo

travel solo

Travelling broadens your horizons. Traveling on your own teaches you how to be happy alone. Solo travel strips away the comfort and safety of the familiar. It encourages you to rise to the occasion and keeps you on your toes. When you arrive at a new destination alone, all your preconceived notions and ideas about that place become redundant as you are able to gain a new perception of the place. You have to adapt to and survive in a new community which has its distinct culture and traditions. This process teaches you how to live on your own. It teaches you resilience and pushes you to become self-reliant.

While being on your own in a completely new and different environment you have the utter freedom of exploring the lengths and sinews of that place, like its various landscapes and natural surroundings. Being amidst nature by yourself can be a spiritually fulfilling experience. While you are there, participate in the local community’s culture, gorge on the local food and interact with the local people. All this, coupled with you navigating your way through a new locale, will not only boost your confidence and make you more independent, but it will also change your outlook on life.

4. Cherish the Simple Pleasures of Home

cook alone

Whether it’s a rented place or a place you own, living by yourself teaches you how to be happy alone. Home is where the heart is and there are little joys you can indulge in when you are at home. Cook for yourself, not just fried eggs and coffee, but a proper, healthy and sumptuous meal which contains a balanced diet and will nourish you thoroughly. Experiment with different ingredients and try out new recipes. Eat healthy meals four times a day- it is necessary to maintain and improve your health.

Apart from this, clean up the mess or as it is called- declutter. Get rid of unwanted objects piling in the house and organize the rest into neat orders. A messy house is reflective of mental stress so it will help you if you take the time out to clean the house and clear out the mess. Paint the walls and redecorate the interiors. It will be therapeutic. Then sit back and relax with your bowl of popcorn and binge on your favorite TV shows. It is a simple activity like these which will refresh your mind and energize your body.

5. Volunteer


Helping others is a noble gesture. Through kindness and generosity, you will learn how to be happy with yourself. By devoting your time to community work you will learn how to be happy alone. Community work usually involves clearing the garbage, tending to stray animals and organizing cultural events. Participating in these activities will reduce your stress levels and give you immense confidence.

Research has shown that volunteering work decreases chances of depression and anxiety and reduces blood pressure. Apart from volunteering, you can also perform certain social work like tutoring underprivileged children and organizing meal days for the homeless. These will give you immense personal satisfaction and also a sense of accomplishment.

6.Be Active Every Day

practice yoga

Appreciating yourself and your body is one of the first steps to knowing how to be happy alone. Your body needs all the care and attention from you. Being dedicated to looking after your body enables you to improve your well-being and makes you capable of sustaining yourself. Make a timetable and hit the gym according to the allotted time slots. Perform multiple exercises. Ask your instructor for guidance and train accordingly.

Exercising regularly helps you maintain a healthy physique. Perform yoga and meditation which are extremely helpful in cleansing and relaxing the mind and body. Meditation also improves your mental faculties. Moreover, it is important to remember that you are unique and so are your experiences. Embrace your flaws and inadequacies. Be more tolerant of your shortcoming and don’t sell yourself short, ever. Practice self-compassion. Remember your life goals and strive towards achieving them wholeheartedly. Find purpose and motivation in your work and seek to climb the ladder of success with your hard work.

Sorting out your priorities is a step towards learning how to be happy alone. Fulfillment can be found even when you do not have company around you. Personal gratification and well-being can be attained through small steps taken every day. This will reinforce your zeal towards life and living.