how to become a better dancer
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How to Become a Better Dancer? 5 Qualities to Attain

There are millions of dancers but only a few of them are good at their craft. Although talent can help you to become a great dancer, you also need to work hard.

How to Become a Better Dancer?

Here are five things that good dancers do differently:

1. Take Inventory of Their Surroundings


The hours that you spend dancing will have you memorizing every square inch of your dance studios, but you should know that every platform and venue is different. You will know exactly where to jump and turn when practicing in the studio. However, you have to learn how to adjust to new surroundings when performing in a new venue.

This is very important when dancing on a smaller stage because you might run out of space. On the other hand, if the stage is larger than your studio, all your dance moves might get lost in the vastness. To avoid these scenarios, you should rehearse severally in the new venue before the actual performance.

2. Listen to Their Bodies

 dancer body

As a good dancer, you need to be in tune with your own body and know what it needs. When you push your body to work harder than usual, the process of muscle building is activated. Tears occur in your muscle tissue but the body builds it back up bigger and stronger.

To aid the process of muscle building, athletes take copious amounts of protein. You should learn how to use food to your advantage because muscles require sustenance to rebuild and regenerate. You also need to take the right supplements that will enhance the process of muscle recovery.

3. Are Always Students

 learn dancer

If you choose to have a fixed mindset, you will end up stunting your growth as a dancer.

However, if you are always open to learning, you have unlimited potential to be great since you are not capping your growth. As a student, you will be open to receiving constructive criticism and this will make you a better dancer.

You can look up to other dancers and teachers for instruction instead of thinking that you are the best in your craft. Looking to others for ideas will inspire you to be your best. Being a student will not leave any room for competition or envy because you will be too busy learning new things and applying them.

4. Dress Appropriately


Wearing the right clothes is necessary when dancing because you need to be at your best. Proper dancewear includes shoes, light clothing, and quality tights that will give your body plenty of support. Make sure that you buy fitting clothes that will not hinder your dancing.

When practicing, make sure that you wear clothes made specifically for that. According to the owner of Alexandra Costumes, you should opt for clothing that gives you maximum comfort and allows you to move freely.

5. Cross Train

 cross train

You need to include other physical challenges in your life if you want to be a great dancer. Although dancing more will help you to excel in that area of life, you should remember that other sporting activities exist. Not only can they contribute to your overall strength and health but they can also help you to keep an open mind.

In most cases, overtraining in one specific activity might cause a burnout. For this reason, it would be a good idea to include other sports in your life: biking, running and swimming. When you do this, you will notice that dancing will become much easier.

Becoming a good dancer will take time but you have to enjoy yourself in the meantime. If you take yourself too seriously, you will miss the fun.