How To Care For Diamond Ring

How To Care For Diamond Ring? Keep Your Engagement Ring Shining

Your diamond engagement ring is the most valuable piece of jewelry you’ll ever own, both sentimentally and financially. That’s why you should make sure you keep it shining brightly for years to come. You can only do that through proper diamond engagement ring care. There are many myths and misinformation surrounding what proper engagement ring care entails. There are some chemicals you shouldn’t touch, proper storage to consider and more. We’ve summed it all up in this article.

How To Care For Diamond Ring?

Never pick up the ring by the setting or stone, no matter if the centerpiece is a diamond or any other gemstone. Instead, always pick it up by the band. This will prevent the natural oils your body produces from building up on the setting. It will also ensure the diamond is secure in the setting.

Caring for the Metal

Platinum and white gold rings require less maintenance since they don’t tarnish. However, they might get scratched from years of wearing. While some prefer these signs of age to show, others prefer the ring to retain its original look. In that case, all it takes is a quick polish to restore the ring back to its original state. Since gold is softer than platinum, it’s much easier to restore it. Polishing is often inexpensive and like scratch removal can be done at any reputable jewelry store.

How to Store My Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are known for their hardness, which is why many women who own a diamond engagement ring figure there are no special rules that apply to storing them. However, diamonds can scratch and damage the rest of your jewelry, which is why they should be kept in soft pouches or separate jewelry boxes.

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How to Keep My Ring Clean?

There are many ways your engagement ring can get dirty during the day. Products like sunscreen, make-up, hairspray, soap or shampoo can accumulate on your ring and make it appear messy. To prevent this, make sure to take the ring off before you apply these products or start cleaning your home.

Keep It Safe from Chemicals

Women often wear their engagement rings throughout the day without paying attention to using dangerous chemicals. However products like hairspray, furniture polish or bleach can cause permanent damage to the engagement ring. The same goes for chlorine and hair dye. After you’ve finished handling these chemicals you should also thoroughly wash your hands before putting the ring back on.

Have it Checked from Time to Time

Every diamond setting, no matter how secure it is, can get loose over long periods of time, especially if you never take it off. That’s why you should have your diamond engagement ring checked by an expert jeweler for any defects, loose prongs and other issues that could compromise the setting. The jeweler will thoroughly inspect and clean your ring and give it back to you shining as bright as it did on the day you said “yes”.