How To Get Over Someone

How to Get Over Someone without Losing Mental Peace?

Many of you might wonder that time heals everything and that people eventually moves on. A little bit of distraction and it becomes easier to get over someone. But my friends this vague logic is not applicable to everyone and not acceptable for all circumstances. Some people take more time to get over someone especially when the person is involved in a long-term relationship.

How To Get Over Someone?

Initially, every relationship looks adorable and everything seems to be perfect. The movie dates, the birthday surprises, the cute texts and above all the physical intimacy makes you feel like you are in the top of the world. But eventually all the sparks tend to fade away, the excitement is hardly felt and maybe that’s the irony of the romantic passionate love.

Only a few can hold onto it and those are truly the blessed ones. A relationship can teach you lessons you will remember throughout your life and especially the ones that come to a dead end. No matter if the person leaves you without any reason or like the urban lingo goes “it’s not working anymore” or maybe just a casual fling the sooner you get over it the better your chances are to improve your life.

What others say:

Now, while you are going through the “breakup” phase you receive tons of advice from your friends, family and all the well-wishers who never really existed in your life before.

They will ask you to find a distraction and give time to yourself. But, ask yourself is it really that easy? Well, the answer depends on the kind of relationship you shared, the duration and on what grounds it ended.

How Long Does it Take to Get Over Someone?


Honestly, if it’s a long-term relationship it will take away a lot of time to get over that person as compared to getting over a crush. Then another important point is -did you just get dump or you are the one getting away with this by hurting the other person. Then comes the most important point and that is “why”.

When two mature people are in love with each other one simply cannot get away by giving an irrational explanation. The other person needs to know the valid reason so that it helps him or her to get over you easily.

  • Once the things have ended you really need to get your life together. Initially, your life would be a mess! So it’s completely acceptable if you remain in your pyjamas for a week and keep watching the same TV series over and over again. You cry over the little things that make you recapitulate the best memories that you made with them.
  • Your friends will start visiting you often and they will try to make you feel better, they will ask you to get out of your room and socialize or just get drunk and burn all the possessions of that person. But all these efforts go in vain if you don’t make up your mind to really get over that person.
  • You cannot concentrate in your job, every romantic song will make you remember of those lovey-dovey moments, the endless cuddling, the long chats, the stupid fights everything will be spiralling inside your mind like a never ending voice of pain. But be patient and learn how to get over someone to deal with it and always remember that to get over someone you really loved is a long process.

So, how to get over someone you love without disturbing your mental peace?

  • Well, The first and most important part of getting over someone is self-realisation. If it wasn’t your mistake, if you were completely loyal and honest and gave all your heart and soul into it you are definitely not going to suffer for it.
  • You need to make yourself understand you deserve better and you will definitely deserve better. So, grab that bucket of chocolate ice cream, sit on your cosy bed and let’s make things better.
  • Try to do some activities you haven’t done in a long time. You can sign up for some new classes like cooking, dancing, swimming, painting and many more. Spend time doing anything that interests you. This will be a constant source of distraction and will keep your mind preoccupied.
  • You can also join a gym because we have seen people keeping themselves engaged in physical exercise and trust me it works. And the end of the day it’s you looking out for yourself. So, as long as it’s not harmful to you and others do whatever that makes you feel better.

The Don’ts…


1. Don’t Drunk Dial

Many people have the habit of drunk dialling their ex and trust me that’s the worst part. You just make yourself look more pathetic and miserable. You make it more evident that how your life has hit a pause without him or her. Think about it. Is that really necessary to lose your self-respect in front of the person that dumped you? We know you are heartbroken and how hard it is to wake up every morning and face the truth that you are not together anymore but there’s also no point in gaining sympathy. So, once it’s over avoid getting in touch with your ex.

2. Don’t Run

And when we say distraction that doesn’t mean you will keep on avoiding your problems. You will definitely face your fears, your weakness and every emotion you feel after losing him or her and you have to give your everything to get over it. And if you have something to distract you it just helps you to cope up with the sudden loss. It’s not that easy to fill the void the person left in your life but you have to look out for yourself as well.

3. Don’t Go for Casual Dating

Some of your friends might suggest going on casual dates. But you should take a break from all these and give yourself a little more time. Obviously, you can go on dates or start seeing in each but not immediately after a breakup. Some people would give it a tag like “rebound” and or not but a random fling won’t help much in getting over someone.

Once your mental state has become stable and you can handle your current situation like a mature person starts self-evaluating. Think about the current state of your life and try to improve it. Don’t think about how good your past relationship was and again start wondering how things came to an end. Stop asking yourself these questions as they lead to self-doubts. Instead, figure out if you really want to be with someone or not. If yes then what will be the foundation of the relationship?

How to get over someone faster?

Always surround yourself with people having a positive attitude and those who are a constant support system. They will always help you to think beyond your past relationship and will always have your back. There will always be people around to drag you down making you remember how your relationship failed.

But don’t be so gullible and start prioritising your needs. This will help you get over someone even faster because once you fix a goal you just challenged yourself. So, if you are searching on how to get over someone fast, don’t hesitate to build good valuable connections.

How to get over someone you never dated?


The above will help you a lot if you’re looking for how to get over someone you were in love with but what about those crushes? What about someone you never dated? The guy whom you just admired and never really gathered the confidence to ask him out. This is not love, but just attraction! So the best and easiest way to get over them is having another crush whom you just keep on admiring from a safe distance. Your crush or your potential boyfriend can leave signs that he’s not that into you and it is fine to accept it and move on!

But if you are lucky enough maybe he will ask you out and…the rest is a mystery.

At times you don’t understand what was wrong with you or how you should have behaved in the relationship so you need a third person to evaluate. It really works. When you are in a relationship it’s pretty hard to think from both sides. So a third neutral person can really help. Like if that person knows both of you very closely then he or she might point out the flaws and strengths of the relationship. And then you can definitely work on your flaws. Use this in your favour and work on your strengths! Wish you luck, love.

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