How ti increase memory
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How to increase memory easily? 4 must know tips.

Every person tries to keep itself completely fit. A sharp memory is related to the good health of the brain. We as humans require sharp memory throughout our life, however, as a natural rule, its productivity diminishes as we age. Despite the reality, whether you are a student getting ready for the exams or a working individual doing whatever it takes to remain mentally strong. There are a bunch of procedures which you can attempt to improve and sharpen your memory. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips which you should know to sharpen your memory.

How to increase memory easily?

Cognitive Exercises

Hard thinking can help in sharpening your mind. One of the ways to get hard thinking is through cognitive training. As we get old, just like all the other parts our brain also loses its efficiency and start to show signs of memory loss. But just as we work out to maintain strong muscles in our body, there are various cognitive exercises which can keep our minds sharp.

Cognitive training exercises keep your mind healthy. It includes playing chess, learning a foreign language, typing with opposite hand, draw a map from memory, crossword puzzles, juggling a g, new direction to drive to work, involve different senses in a specific task, do math in your head, learn to play a musical instrument, etc.


Herb Kratom is consumed for quite a long time for distinct medical purposes like to get rid of depression and anxiety, mood elevation, sharp memory, pain reliever, energy booster, enhancing the mental ability, etc. The Kratom strains which can be consumed to sharpen your memory are Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom and Green Maeng Da Kratom.

Green Maeng Da Kratom can offer an indistinguishable reason from the nootropic. It improves the mental capacity and increases the thinking process. Every one of the general population like specialists, business people, engineers, students, doctors are in need of a sharp mind. They require their brain to be working getting it done constantly. They can utilize Green Maeng Da Kratom to make their life significantly less demanding.

Go for Brain Boosting Diet

According to Scientists, a healthy diet is one of the main differences between those who are energetic at 60 and those who look exhausted at 40. Foods which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and good fats provide energy and are good for brain health. Eating such foods can improve your learning and enhance memory.

Nutritious foods which a person should be consuming includes olive oil, blueberries, nuts, beans, apples, salmon, celery, egg yolks, dark chocolate, coconut oil, carrots, spinach, avocados, rosemary, green leafy vegetables, maca root, bone broth, banana. Avoid sugary and soda drinks.

Get Full Sleep

Getting the full sleep is essential to improve memory and reduce the risks of Insomnia. Sleep deprivation reduces the person ability to communicate or think clearly. An average person should sleep for about seven to eight hours daily without any disruption.

Lack of sleep makes us forget things quickly like what we want to get from the store. Activities like a hot bath or soft music can create a peaceful sleep. If you are successful in getting the full sound sleep, it will sharpen your long-term memory. Put away lease all screens away at least an hour before going to bed like a laptop, mobile, gadgets etc.

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