How to look younger

How to Look Younger than your Age Naturally?

Are you looking older than your age? Is your skin is getting thinner every passing day, making it shaggier?

The paced aging can be a result of lowering growth hormone. Often touted as the quintessential foundation of youth, growth hormone or HGH affects every cell in your body. Pick any bodily function, HGH will have a role to play. Tissue repair, healthy body composition, muscle building and even your mental health is associated with HGH.

Due to the common misconception that growth hormone supplements are only for men and used for bodybuilding, women usually ignore to give this fountain of youth its share of attention.

What is the growth hormone?

Growth hormone is an amino acid produced by the pea-sized pituitary gland present in the anterior brain. This gland is responsible to control the growth and development of our body. The production of growth hormone is at peak during the teenage years but as we age there is a gradual decline in its production.

Women need more growth hormone as compared to men to maintain a healthy body composition. In men, testosterone helps to maintain health to an extent but women have very less amount of testosterone in their body as it is primarily a male hormone. This leaves HGH for women as the primary hormone to maintain a healthy tone. With appropriate HGH in their body women are able to maintain the right body-fat ratio that increases the elasticity in the skin making it younger and rejuvenated. Also, the balanced amount of this hormone in the body reduces the risk of osteoporosis and other bone diseases among women.

Symptoms of low Growth Hormone:

  •    Unexplained thinning of skin and loss of fullness
  •    Dry skin
  •    Loss of muscle tone, especially in limbs
  •    Fat gain around the abdomen (love handles)
  •    Difficulty building muscles
  •    Lowered bone density
  •    Weight gain/obesity
  •    Disturbed sleep
  •    Insomnia
  •    Sleep apnea

If you have any 3 or more of these symptoms, boosting the growth hormone level will be of great help. Furthermore, if you use corticosteroids, consume high alcohol, have a sedentary lifestyle or experiencing menopause then the chances of growth hormone deficiency double.

How to Look Younger Naturally?

Boosting growth hormone will benefit all aspects of your physical and psychological health. Oral HGH for women are available that are reliable dietary supplements. Made from potent amino acids these oral supplements stimulate pituitary gland by activating the dormant somatotroph cells. This naturally boosts growth hormone production.

Other than the use of supplements, you can try these natural remedies to look younger.

1. Reduce Belly Fat

reduce belly fat

According to a study on postmenopausal women, fat around the abdomen is an indication of lowering growth hormone in the blood. Homeopathic oral HGH pills and sprays can help you boost growth hormone levels helping you to reduce abdominal fat and improve your insulin sensitivity. Boosted HGH will also lower the lipoprotein or bad cholesterol concentrations in your body.

The deficiency in growth hormone causes two of the common complications among adults, namely, insulin resistance and abdominal obesity. Adults with growth hormone deficiency and persons who lack insulin levels suffer from abdominal/visceral obesity. Growth hormone serum, which resembles insulin is also a cause of obesity in the abdominal area. Persons who were deficient in growth hormone has undergone human growth hormone replacement treatment and experienced some good signs like reduction of obesity.

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A random study on thirty women of age group 48-66 suffering from abdominal/visceral obesity was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology/ Metabolism. This group of women was given growth hormone replacement treatment. Research shows that there were signs of decline in diastolic blood pressure, a decrease in visceral/abdominal adipose tissue, and an increase in insulin sensitivity. These are proven positive gestures after human growth hormone replacement therapy.

Taking oral HGH before bed and after exercise will maximize the benefits.

2. Sleep Well

sleep well

When we take quality sleep, releasing of melatonin in our body triggers a cool-down effect. This lowers the body temperature which facilitates growth hormone production to regenerate tissues and cells. Once released into the blood the growth hormone travels to the liver where it is absorbed as like other body cells.

Boosting HGH in adult women improves their physical and psychological health to lead a quality lifestyle. A study from Lithuania shows considerable improvements in cognitive behavior, concentration, and mood after increased growth hormone secretion in women. This dramatically improved blood circulation in their skin causing a glow.

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The study shows that cognitive functioning and skin health can be improved by 6 months of human growth hormone treatment among HGH deficient women. A study on mood scales of grown-up persons suffering from growth hormone deficiency shows improvement of concentration and control on moods after administration of growth hormone replacement therapy.

A natural hack to boost growth hormone is to maximize your sleeping hours. Try not to eat any heavy meals at least 2 hours before sleeping. Minimize the intake of caffeinated drinks.

3. Cardio exercising


Exercising is a great way to improve your overall health, but if your aim is to increase the secretion of growth hormone high-intensity cardio exercises will help. Short bursts of cardio exercises have shown to boost the GH concentrations.

You can pick any cardio training like jogging, cycling to boost your growth hormone levels. But do not mix cardio with strength training as it has a counter effect on GH production. Keep cardio and strength training for separate days.

4. Weight Lifting

weight lifting

If you can’t ditch your strength training, its all well. Just lose those pink dumbbells and lift heavy. Studies have shown that among women growth hormone shows responsiveness to heavy lifting. Depending on the amount of weight 3-12 repetitions is advisable. Lifting heavy weights with enhanced frequency will have a huge impact on the levels of HGH release.

Vigorous exercises with more frequency for at least 10 minutes will stimulate the release of growth hormone. Besides intensifying the release of human growth hormone, these workouts enhance the physical and mental health and help to attain the positive outcomes of exercises faster.

You certainly find it hard to pick a weight. A general choice of weight is to pick the weight that is heavier than the weight of your purse.

5. Laugh


Never underestimate the power of a good chuckle. In research, it is found that laughter helps relieve stress, improve mental health and boost growth hormone levels. In a 2006 study, subjects were evaluated for their beta-endorphins and growth hormone levels after watching funny movies, there was a 27% increase in beta-endorphins and 87% boost in GH level.

Final Thoughts

Anti-aging and performance enhancing properties associated with growth hormone have been a matter of research and with time this association is getting stronger. If you have any signs of HGH deficiency, you need to check your growth hormone levels.

Growth hormone affects the quality of life. With age, there is a drop in growth hormone production that negatively affects your appearance. But with oral HGH supplements and the listed natural remedies, you can boost and maintain the appropriate concentration of growth hormone.