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How to Pay off Debt if you’re a Single Mother?

Are You A Single Mom Searching for How To Pay off Debt For Good? You Have Come To The Right Place

In case you are associated with consumer debt, then be sure that you are not alone. As per the US Federal Reserve Data, US households will have an average of around $16,000 in cards and around $33,500 under student loan. Apart from that, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will actually report 52% of credit bureau filings for medical debt.

So, if you are drowning in debt, then you are not a weirdo.  But avoid using this fact as an excuse of not working like crazy, just for paying off the debt. In case you live month to month owning money to others, then that money you earn will not be yours really. You are actually enslaved to debt.

How to Pay off debt?


This step is going to affect your mental health, relationships, and even your career choices. Scraping to may loan payments might prevent a lot of families from building wealth. This is no doubt a stressful way to live. The upside of personal debt is that there are true and tried methods for getting rid of debt. There are plenty of tech resources and analog for your help. Along with these, you can also consider some passive income ideas to earn some extra money.

Step by step guide to Pay Off Debt:

For the single moms out there, there is some step by step guides on how you can actually get rid of debt. Following those norms can be of great help. You can get some clear ideas from informative financial websites for a change, which will definitely help in solving your problems right from the core.

  • Have to be honest with yourself:

In case you are stressing about your debt actually and credit, you might be avoiding the facts of the financial situation. The first and most primary step over here is to get real with it. It means facing the reality of the situation is the key, no matter how ugly it might be. You can collect statements for each one of debts, like credit cards, student loans, medical loans, mortgage, and car note. You have to take a quick note of the home equity line and an even personal loan from cousin or parents. In case you are married or actually living with your partner, try to get them involved too. Lay those points out on the kitchen table and feel them in hands. You have to maintain 100% transparency.

  • Get free credit score and try to be organized:

You are always requested to visit Credit Sesame and procure the free credit score. It will help you realize your current standing. You can furthermore check the accuracy of debts, which will include notes of the credit limits and missed payments.

  • On the other hand, you have to create a list of debts, which will include interest rates, deadlines if any, and the monthly minimum payments. A good feature for you to start has to be the monthly goals feature from Personal Capital.
  • Here, you have to create a monthly budget, and then try figuring out how much you can actually afford for paying towards debt. There is a favorite budgeting tool available for that known as Tiller.
  • You have to learn more about this budgeting tool. After that, the time has come to get serious about it and cut out any of the extra spendings. You furthermore have to lower the current overhead.

Always remember that overspending is the way in which you got in trouble on the first place. So, imagine how great it might feel when you are actually debt free. If you want, you are always invited to check out the student loan based information at the National Student Loan Data System.

  • Have to research for lower credit cards and even loan rates:

Based on the current credit score you have, you might have to qualify for the credit cards associated with lower rates. First of all, you have to see if you are actually qualified for the 0% balance transfer. You can get to a post from Magnify Money as a great start to it. This is also another proven way to actually pay off debt and also save money on interest along the way.

In case actually, work if you are quite organized. For that, you have to read the fine print and ensure that you pay for the premiums on time. After that, you have to either pay off balance or just transfer balance before the end of the promotion period. there is no other alternative but to be 100% honest with yourself. If you are not that good with this form of bookkeeping, then this might not be a clever option for you.

  • Trying to focus on the negotiation deals:

You have to work hard to negotiate better credit card rate. Another best way to get a better rate on the card is by calling current credit card firm and asking for a better rate. You might have to work hard in negotiating on medical and other forms of debts too. For that, you have to call holder of outstanding medical bills and then negotiate.

Which one to choose?


There are two primary ways in this regard under the name of debt snowball and debt avalanche. Which one will you prefer the most? These two terms are practically lingo for two major methods for paying the debt. Learn more about the methods before finalizing on the treatment now.

  • Under Debt Snowball, you have to pay the credit cards or the loan with the lowest form of balances first. Here, the advantage is that you will receive psychological and even emotional thrill of just paying off accounts in a quick manner.
  • Then you have the Debt Avalanche, where you can pay off accounts with highest forms of interest rates. The big perk of this current method is that you get the chance to save money by just depleting higher interest debt as soon as possible.

It is really important for you to learn the tips and tricks before the matter gets out of hand. Just be sure to know more about the points and things will start working just in the way you have asked for.