how to satisfy a woman

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed Completely?

How to satisfy a woman in bed is as complex as understanding a woman! Sex is awesome. However, most men struggle to find the tricks to take their women to “cloud nine.” Many men would hardly accept that they aren’t as great as they like to pretend they are (read massaging ego). Putting your ego aside and learning may actually make you a pro – leave her gasping for breath wanting MORE of YOU.

How to Satisfy a Woman?

Instead of obsessing about “the Size,” you should be asking yourself what you can do to improve your game. What are the tricks you can employ to spice things up in the bedroom? How can you make her stick to you like glue? What will make her shout your name when she is having an earth-shattering orgasm. In short, how to satisfy a woman in bed.

What makes sex great?

Well, obsessing over size was all a lie… but not entirely. It’s not the size that matters, but how you play the “game.” Remember, sex is not just physical; it’s this complicated experience that is physical, psychological, sensual and intense at the same time. It is not one-directional. It is multi-directional.

Below are six tips that will help transform you from a lame duck man in bed to a complete PRO.

1. Ask Her What She Wants.

ask her

Communication is the basis of any relation – sexual or otherwise. This is how you find out what she loves. Women are different there isn’t a template you can follow. You must find out what her needs are. Timing is key here. Don’t ask her if she has a foot fetish during dinner. Instead, during foreplay, try kissing the back of her knees and see how she reacts. Ask her how she feels gently. This way you can know what she wants without being creepy.

Figure out what she wants every step of the way. The communication doesn’t have to be verbal. Read her body language. See how she reacts to different things. Ask if she wants you to thrust slower or faster or even harder. It is okay. Make sure you’re not overdoing it because then it will become boring and rigid. Sex should be spontaneous. Move with the flow.

2. Set The Mood In Advance.


Women like to be treated well. They love sweet words. They love it when you make them happy. So do exactly that – prepare them psychologically. Stimulate the mind in advance. Try to let them know in a not-creepy way that things are going to be lit. For instance, ask for a shower together after work.

Send her gifts with sexual connotations to them. Send her over strawberries and chocolate. Share an erotic iPod playlist with her. Make a dirty joke here and there. In short, arouse her mind such that by the time it gets down to business, she is really into it. At Yoni Pleasure Palace you can find ideas for some erotic gifts.

IMPORTANT, get rid of distractions. If it’s at your place make sure those annoying buddies of your’s don’t show up when you’re on top of your game.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things and Worship Her


When it gets down to business be open minded. Unlike men, for women to orgasm, it’s a bit complicated. It’s not all about penetration and thrusting. Some women may not orgasm with penetration alone. For others, it takes them longer than you can sustain thrusting. You’ll drop “dead” before they orgasm. If you want to be at the top of your game there is no shortcut.

Just be damn creative and worship her. Put her at the center of it all. Don’t just think about you getting a release.

Foreplay is the foundation of whether you’ll have great sex. So, it’s a must on this how to satisfy a woman in bed list! It must be purposeful and adequate…unless it’s a “quickie.” Try out new sex positions. If you’re open to oral sex, eat that cookie jar. Find out what she likes or wants to try out. Role-playing can really spice things up. Find out what makes her ‘come’ and how long it takes.

4. Sex Toys Aren’t For Weirdos and Pervs


If you want to satisfy your woman then you should consider being open to this idea. Sex toys can range from simple stuff like a caressing feather to the ‘real stuff’ – vibrating dildos and anal plugs. There is something for everyone.

Don’t let your ego get you. This is where you can really spice up things. Leave her thinking of you as a sex god. This is where you compliment your shortcomings and leave her breathless with awesomeness. Sex toys can really transform your whole foreplay experience. If you normally ejaculate first before she orgasms use toys to bridge that gap.

Find which toys both of you like and make good use of them. You can also combine it with the adventures of role-playing for great sex. Check out Yoni Pleasure Palace for more on women toys.

5. Let Her Take Control

women taking control

As much as women like to be worshiped in bed, they also want to satisfy you. It makes them feel contented. Once in a while let her take control of the flow. Enjoy what she does and guide her in what you enjoy. You’ll be surprised how horny and happy that makes her. If she is the shy type, let her tie you up or even blindfold you up and do whatever she wants. Let her ride you.

6. Be The Man

be the man

A woman will only feel satisfied if you are a man to her. Be a gentleman with her rather than a sissy. Have the confidence to take control of things. Have a high self-esteem. Don’t be the low self-esteem dick-measuring dudes out there. Although women fantasize about huge penises, you have nothing to worry if you have a normal average one. They value more, someone who is confident in himself, understands them and treats them well.

Well, it’s a harsh truth that your girlfriend would eventually lose interest in sex if you can’t figure out this ‘how to satisfy a woman’ theory. Completely satisfying your woman is a learning curve. You don’t wake up one day and become a pro. You must put in the work. While what satisfy most women tend to be somehow similar, that is usually not enough. You must cater to the specific needs of your woman. Therefore, next time you’re chest thumping about your prowess in bed, ask yourself if you’re really meeting her needs, or just “thrusting.” Viva!