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5 important healthy habits every mother should teach her child

Every mother wants just the best for her child. The mother needs to teach her child to some habits during childhood so that the children can learn more about life, good manners, adopt a healthy lifestyle and so on. Every mother is a tutor and the child receives a private tuition during childhood and even after that period. The child also adopts some habits from the mother so it is also important that the mother can provide a good example to the child.

During childhood, mothers try to educate their children about the importance of good manners, about the importance of healthy food and physical activity. Mothers also help children to socialize and experience the world outside their home. Parents need to dedicate some more time to their children during childhood and set a good example so that the child can follow that example throughout their life.  The following 5 healthy habits are the habits that every child needs to learn in order to be in a good mental and physical health.

Important healthy habits to follow-

1. Healthy food and physical activity

child eating

They are crucial in the process of the development of the child. The truth is that most of the children refuse to eat some healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. That is because they think that they are not tasty and because their parents try to force them to eat the fruit and vegetables and they avoid giving them some junk food. Parents need to find a way that is fun and interesting for the children and to make them eat the dish full of vegetables or fruits. When children are forced to eat fruit and vegetables, they become stubborn and refuse to eat healthy food.

So parents need to find some creative way to make children eat healthy food. Despite the healthy food, children need to spend some time outdoors. Children usually have a lot of energy so parents should consider taking children for a walk in nature or play some game with children or maybe join some sports group and so on. Physical activity and exercising are crucial in the development of the child and also prevent some diseases such as diabetes, obesity and so on.

2. The importance of water

drinking water

Our bodies need to stay hydrated in order to work properly. Every child should learn that it must consume water and avoid some sugary drinks such as soda or artificially made fruit juices. The beverages contain a lot of sugar and do not eliminate the thirst. The mother needs to teach her child about the importance of water and to find a way to make her child avoid the other beverages and drink plenty of water. Freshly squeezed juices are a great alternative to replacing soda and other sugary beverages.

3. Sufficient sleeping

child sleep

A good night’s sleep is something that everyone should experience every night, especially the children. Most of the children refuse to go to bed early because they want to spend some more time to play computer games or doing some other activities. Children spend a lot of energy during the day and they need a good night’s sleep. What parents need to do is to create a sleeping routine for the child, so that the child goes every night to bed at the same time. That way the child will create the habit of sleeping.

Most of the children are exposed to the new technology and spend most of the time staring at screens and they consider this as a way of entertainment. Parents need to replace this habit because screens do not stimulate the sleeping hormones. Instead of playing computer games or watching movies on the TV, parents can read some stories to their children before bedtime or they can make children read a book before bed in order to stimulate the sleeping hormones.

4. Generosity as the opposite of selfishness



Most of the children want to have a lot of toys and they do not want to share them with their siblings or with their friends. The mother should teach the child that it is important to be generous and friendly and to pay more attention to the spiritual rather than the material things.

5. The importance of love and support

 kind child

The mother should always show her love towards the child because that is what children need in order to become a responsible and well- behaved adults. Children need a lot of love and support and the mother should show that love and support towards her child.


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