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How To Write An Accurate And Informative College Essay Title?

Your college essay is definitely about something and you want your readers to know what it’s about. As such, you need a title. Ask yourself if you would rather read a story with a captivating title or just something random you will have to figure out after you finish reading.

How to get a good essay title?

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Without a title, you do not give your readers any reason to be interested in your essay. Ensure that your professor is motivated to read your essay by curiosity, not a necessity. An essay without a title is like a newspaper with articles but no titles. Obviously, a newspaper without any title would be absurd. College essays are not any different. Your readers want to know what is in the essay before reading it. You would need to develop your title from your research college topics.

1. Why is a title essential?

Now that you have established that you need a title for your college essay, you need to know what makes it effective. A good title should be able to capture the attention of your reader and make them want to read your essay. You do not need to be too detailed in your title. Consider how your reader would react to a long title. They would not feel like they need to read the essay itself.

2. Sample suitable titles

Generally, there are no solid rules for titles. A good title can take different forms. It can be clever or play with words. However, do not try to be too clever as it can backfire on you. Your title could also be provocative. If your essay is about an embarrassing, shocking, or humorous moment in your life, a title like “Falling on Stage” is sure to get the attention of your reader. Your essay title can also be straight-forward and concise. Do not feel that you need alliteration and great wit in your title. Direct and simple language can be very effective as well. All in all, a title provides at least a fractional sense of your essay’s subject matter and motivates your reader to keep reading.

3. Mistakes to avoid

When it comes to essay titles, there are some common mistakes that students make. Here is what you need to beware of:

  1. Ambiguous language- You will start on a bland note if the title of your essay goes something like “What I Love Most”. This is a sorely meaningless title and it adds nothing to your essay.
  2. Broad and general language- You might try to cover too much with your title. You do not want your title to be “All about me” because it suggests that you want to narrate your whole life in a few words. You reader will doubt your essay before even reading it.