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Decode the real meanings of the most inspirational quotes

A lot of people feel lost and demotivated at some point of their life. In order to deal with it, they usually read some motivational quotes or books. While some of them watch motivational videos. But still, they feel demotivated. After reading and going through all such motivational stuff, why don’t we feel better? Why don’t we get success?

It is because we don’t actually understand the real lesson/meaning behind it. Today, I am going to tell you about the real meaning of some quotes. These are the quotes you are quite familiar with. But still, a lot of us fail to understand the real meaning.

Decode the real meaning of most inspirational quotes:

1. Real Meaning and Work of a “Seed”



Here is a beautiful message given in this image. It is quite inspiring too. Let’s look into its meaning-

It is talking about your adverse situation. We usually feel depressed and lost in unfavorable situations. We usually forget about the main fact. What is that fact?

The fact is we have to face the difficulties in order to grow. We are like a seed as stated in this quotation. What is the real work of seed? In order to know it, we have to take the whole process of sprouting seeds into consideration. But we will look at the main part directly. Know how do seeds sprout for better comparison and analysis.

Whenever a seed is planted, it spreads out its root until it takes a strong hold. In the same manner, whenever we are in the dark phase of our life, try to grow. Grow through taking knowledge. This knowledge will help you to hold a strong hold on yourself.

Although a seed remains in a dark place before growing up, you need to pay attention that even in that darkness it grows continuously. Why?Because it is preparing itself for getting a better hold before turning into a plant. Here you can remind that “Education is the root of success”.

Taking knowledge will make you feel that you are constantly improving. Even at the darkest point, you are improving! It will rebuild your confidence.

So, be a seed! Go to the dark places. Make yourself better. Prepare for turning into a plant. Make your holds of your root strong enough to go through any kind of win in the future.

2. Don’t Be A Slave of Circumstances


A beautiful and a realistic message for all of us. Here the boiling water refers to our situations or circumstances. But a lot of people forget the features of “Boiling Water”. What is it? The “Boiling Water” is hot till it evaporates the whole water in the bowl away. So, a boiling water hurts for a limited time. Even that water which has been kept for boiling is not permanent. It is evaporating.

Another feature of “Boiling Water” is it gets cool after some time.In other words, it loses its warmness after a specific duration. So, did you get the message? The main thing in this image is that “boiling water” while everyone ignores it and read it further for motivation. But they usually face a problem when this situation occurs.

Another thing which is to be noticed here that even a hard potato can become soft in adverse situations, and even a soft egg can become hard in the same circumstances. So, don’t judge yourself as well as others on the basis of their outlook. Use your circumstances to grow and harden yourself like an egg rather than being a potato who has over-confidence due to its outlook and doesn’t try to grow in those situations.

3. Broken Crayons

Here “Broken Crayons” have a lot of significance. Here crayons represent us. We all are little broken inside. All of us hide our feelings from others by wearing a fake mask. But once we get broken, we keep breaking ourselves to the irrecoverable state instead of trying to get up. We usually focus on big things to get motivation.

We want “Big and Major Events” to happen in our life in order to get motivation. But most of us didn’t notice what this quote actually wanna convey! Here the line “Last time I Checked” is the main source of the message. Here the narrator checked the “crayons”. Why? Isn’t it strange? Why would someone check crayons in his broken state?

That’s the point where everything is hidden.The narrator wants to convey that he/she got inspiration from a crayon.The narrator wants us to focus on little events and things to get inspiration.He/she don’t want us to wait for that “big event” to get inspired.

You can find motivation and inspiration even in a small thing or event.Don’t wait for something “life changing” because the moment you get inspired from your surrounding, that’s the day of your life changing. So, try to build yourself up. Get inspired by little things. Boost Yourself up and lead yourself to that “Big Event” you were waiting for.

4. Improve Your Argument

It shows that most of us raise our voice in order to prove ourselves right. Why do we choose this option? The answer is “Lack of calmness”. We usually defend ourselves even by giving illogical and unrealistic statements. That’s our ego, that we can’t tolerate a single word against us or our views and opinions.

It shows that we are lacking a learning attitude. What is an argument? It is a set of reasons given in support of an idea. We must find a reason for everything. No matter whether it’s our failure or success! We should find the reason for the results.

An argument can be increased only if you search for “Knowledge”. It will not only improve your standard but your quality of statements too.When you search for knowledge, you learn. You are willing to learn more and more, no matter what the source is.It increases your learning attitude.

An argument is not made to prove something right, it is made to dig deeper into a topic in order to know about the topic deeply and for critical analysis. So, don’t misinterpret it with a fight.

The more you have a knowledge, the more humble you will be. You will be a better learner and better listener.You will be having a better understanding.You will be having a self-controlling attitude.In conclusion, you will be a better person.

Thus, this quote focuses on your development.

5. Focus on What You Do

This is the thing where most of us fail at.A lot of people try to build their reputation on the basis of their words.They try to impress others just by showing off.”Show off” is the biggest problem of today’s generation.But deep down they know the truth.

A lot of us put motivational and inspirational status and profile pictures on our social network account.But do we really mean it?Half of those who use these kinds of things are not aware of their own future.

Why?Where is the problem?The problem is that we want others to appreciate us whenever we do something good, but we don’t want to learn from the critics.

We don’t want to get out from our comfort zone.We want to do things we are good at. Every one of us predicts their future as a successful person, but why don’t every one of us reach it?

The problem is that we focus on our words.We announce our actions without the guarantee of being succeeded. That’s the problem. A successful and intelligent person neither shows off nor tries to build his reputation. In fact, this kind of person doesn’t care about “unproductive criticism”.

The reputation built on words is temporary, while the reputation built on actions is permanent.So, try to be a doer rather than a teller.

So, these are some of the quotes which contain the deeper meanings than we actually understood. Even each and every quote you read has something deeper to say, but we ignore it. That’s why we miss the main message what it wants to convey.

I hope you understood well from these quotes. Try to get the message of every quote in a deeper way. Because every quote is inspirational and motivational if we get the meaning of it.

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