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What is IVF? 5 Steps Of The Popular Fertility Statement

Having a baby is a dream of every couple. Most of them get the dream fulfilled, but some couple faces problems regarding fertility issues. For them who face fertility problem, IVF is a way to get babies.

What is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. This is a treatment for infertile people so that they can get babies. In this process, eggs are extracted from the female body and sperms are taken from the male body. After that, the egg and the sperm are manually combined in a laboratory. Then the embryos are tested and one or more than one are placed in the uterus.

Now a day, IVF is being used in different countries. In the United States, almost 2% of all the babies are born through IVF.

The process of IVF

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The IVF process contains a few steps. All the steps are performed carefully so that the process becomes successful.

Step 1-

At first, the female is given a few medicines to stimulate egg production. As some eggs aren’t able to develop after retrieval, the doctors try to collect multiple eggs. This makes success rate high. After that, some tests are done to check the condition.

Step 2-

In this step, the eggs are retrieved through a small operation. To do this correctly, ultrasound imaging guides a needle through the pelvic cavity. Thus the eggs are taken out with the help of the needle. After this step, the female is given some medicines to reduce post-surgical conditions.

Step 3-

Here in this step, the male becomes involved. Some sperms are collected from him through a natural process. These sperms are examined and prepared to combine with the eggs.

Step 4-

In this step, the eggs and the sperms are combined in a suitable environment. After that, these are kept in laboratory dish providing a comfortable environment to encourage fertilization. Depending on the situation, some extra care can be taken.

After that, these are monitored time to time to ensure that the fertilization and cell division is taking place. The fertilized eggs are called embryos.

Step 5-

After a few days, the embryos are placed in the uterus of the female. Doctors commonly use a small tube to transfer the embryos to the uterus. This process is usually painless, though some may feel mild cramping.

This is the whole procedure of IVF. After the placement of the embryos, the baby is born in the normal process. If male or female can’t produce healthy egg or sperm, they can take egg or sperm from donors. In this case, some legal issues may come. So, it’ll be better to talk someone who has taken eggs or sperm from a donor.

Final Verdict

IVF process has some cons too. You need to talk with the doctor for knowing the details with pros and cons. You can surf this site to learn more about IVF. They also provide the facility of IVF fertility treatment. Starting from 1978, a number of children have born through IVF treatment. So, you can take the chance too.