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Karwa Chauth 2018: Importance, Story, Sargi, Thali and Wishes

What is Karwa Chauth?

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Karva Chauth is one of the popular festival celebrated in North India by Hindus. Married women perform this pooja for the wellbeing of the husband as well as longevity. On this special day, women start fasting in the morning and perform pooja after the moon rises. This festival holds great importance in the Northern states of India that are Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Karva Chauth is a festival that is combined with several traditions and rituals. Karwa Chauth 2018 is celebrated grandly by North Indian women by following all the customs from sunrise and by keeping fasting throughout the day.

Karwa Chauth is a festival that is celebrated grandly and falls in the month of October or November every year. Amantha calendar, by calculating months, sets the day and time of this festival. In general, North Indians celebrate this festival in the month of Karthika and South Indians in Ashwyuj.  The fourth day from the start of traditional month Karthika marks the celebration of Karwa chauth.

Karwa Chauth 2018 Date

Karwa Chauth 2018 falls on the 27th of October month. This pooja starts before the moon rising and the timing in 2018 is 5:36 pm and ends up at 6:54 pm. The time duration for performing this pooja takes approximately 1 hour 17 minutes. Moon will be observed in the sky at around 8:00 pm and the women can break their fasting by seeing the moon and their husband face immediately.

Indians who are celebrating this festival all over the world, follow the dates and timings of karwa Chauth as well. The timings will not change even though the celebration is going on in any part of the world. This festival has much importance among North Indians and they follow all the customs associated with it though living in anywhere on the globe.

Karwa Chauth Story

Karwa Chauth is associated with many stories that are told in the pooja time. One of the popular stories is that of the Queen Veeravathi. A young girl named Veeravathi is a sister of seven brothers who loved her to peaks. She was married to a king and for the first festival of Karva Chauth queen returned to her mother place.

Veeravathi was fasting whole day and became tired also was hungry. When the brothers saw her condition and forced to break her fasting she refused to do so without seeing the moon. So her brothers planned her to show a false moonlight and break her fast. They did the same and she after seeing the light thinking it as moonlight ended her fasting. Very soon she heard that the king has died, hearing this news Queen started to her place.

On her way to the palace she prayed God Shiva, then Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathi appeared and said that it is the result of her false fasting. She felt on the feet of God and asked how she can correct it and make the king alive. The reply was that she needs to follow the fasting very strictly on next Karva Chauth and king remains unconscious till then.

Queen saw her husband inserted with a huge number of needles and lying unconscious. She used to remove one needle per day and the only needle remained on the next Karva Chauth day. Queen went shopping for the festival and her maiden has removed the needle from King’s body. Very soon King became conscious and thought maiden as her Queen.

As soon as Queen returned she saw this and kept quiet also served as a maid. On one day when the king was going to some other kingdom, he spoke to take the real Queen and came to know the truth. Now again she turned into real Queen.

Karva Chauth Sargi

Sargi is the special pre-dawn meal prepared in the early morning of Karva Chauth day. This is the special meal prepared for the fasting women by their mother-in-law only. It is necessary to consume Sargi early in the morning between 4 am to 5 am before sunrise. This meal will help the fasting women to be active until the end of the fast. So, the women who are fasting will not get thirsty and remains perfectly alright.

Mother-in-law’s specifically prepares  Karva Chauth sargi, so as to bless their daughter-in-law. This sargi is a combination of savouries along with sweetmeats.

Karwa Chauth Thali Items

thali items
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Sargi is served in the thali with various items present in it. This includes savouries, sweets and juices without any oil foods to avoid dehydration throughout the day. The items placed in sargi thali have their own importance.

  • Fruits – Fresh fruits helps in staying hydrated throughout the day.
  • Dry fruits – These help to have full nutrients and keep going throughout the day even without the intake of any food.
  • Mithai – Sweets prepared in the home are served to mark the positiveness and begin the festival with a happy mood.
  • Light food – It includes chapatis, halwa or cooked vegetables. This helps the women to fill her tummy and be active throughout the day.
  • Fresh juice or butter milk – The fresh juices will help in keeping the body hydrated till the breaking of fast.

How to break karwa chauth Fast?

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Karva Chauth is celebrations include performing the pooja, then seeing the moon. Women will wear the ethnic wear and dress as a bride. They apply mehandi to hands which is much important in the festival. They wear  hand full of bangles and dress nicely wearing all the traditional ornaments.

Women perform pooja with a thali consisting of diya, flowers along with the water in lota (pot). Some people will decorate this thali with various flowers. They also have a strainer (channi) with them to watch the moon. After completing the pooja, the next thing is they say various stories and songs till the moon rises. Once the moon is present in the sky, they take the thali along with the net. Then see the moon through the net and pray to the god. Then see their husband take the blessings from them.

Now the husband will be giving water to the wife that is present in the pot. By drinking water, they break fast and then take the sweets or fruits. The loving husband will present some prettiest gifts for their women.

Even mother-in-law, as well as mother, will offer some gifts to the women, which is becoming a trend these days.

Happy karwa chauth wishes

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Wish the women who are celebrating Karwa Chauth 2018. These wishes make them happier and especially when received from their husband. So to make them happy and be healthy throughout the day who are fasting for the wellbeing of their husband need to receive the wishes. It not only makes them happy but energetic from inside and does not forget to drown them with compliments on their dressing for sure it makes them happy on festival day.

Wishes on karwa chauth are available on most of the websites or they can be WhatsApp to their mobile to greet them in a technology way. So that they stay happy throughout the day when they receive from the dear one. Even gifting them is also a good way to tell your wishes to your beloved wife.

There are many online stores that present special deals and offers on the day of this festival. So choose the best gift for your better half and make her know how much you love her. This makes the relationship much stronger.

Here are some wishes and messages you can send to your friends and relatives:

Pray, The Sindoor Adorns The Forehead Of Every Woman. Let God Bless You For A Long And A Happy Married Life. Happy Karwa Chauth!

May The Sindoor Testify Your Prayers The Mangal Sutra Remind You Of Promises That Binds You The Color Of Mehndi Prove The Depth Of Your Love Happy Karwa Chauth

Love Laughter And Good Luck Too! May This Karwa Chauth Be Super Special For You.

As You Celebrate The Bond Of Marriage, Wishing You A Life Of Love And Togetherness Today And Always. Happy Karva Chauth

May the sight of full moon fill your heart with happiness. Wishing you a blessed Karwa Chauth.

On This Blessed Night, May the Jingling of Churis, Fill Your Life With Good Luck, The Twinkling Of Payal, Announce Your Love For Him, HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH…!!

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In this way, women celebrate he Karwa Chauth with all pomp and happiness. Though only women will be fasting the entire family supports her during the day and enjoy the festival happily. This happiness and support from the family give the women happier than any other precious gifts she receives. The gifts mark the love and caring for each other in between them. So celebrate Karva Chauth with much more happiness and joy. It is also important to have healthy food in sargi.