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10 Fascinating Leo Woman Traits which Make Her a Lioness

A Leo woman is the lioness of the kingdom. With this, she has a clear and bold outlook to the power she possesses. You are a Leo if your birthday falls in the calendar from July 23 to August 22. Leo, the zodiac sign itself says it so much about it, denoted with the lion it is for sure the most royal human sign. They are strong and confident females. The temper they hold is really tough to handle by the other zodiac so it’s always advisable to be a little sure before placing your cards on.

Characteristics of a Leo Woman:

Leo is ruled by the planet sun, who is the lord of the solar system. Sun is the only star that has its own light and so is the Leo woman, they spread and give light to the people around them. The element that she holds is fire because she is like the fire on the planet. Let’s know some more about this fierce sign in detail.

Leo Woman Traits: Positive


  • Caring:

Leo people are caring they fall in love and relations and express their heart out. So the best part about Leo women is their care and love. They will care for the person love the most, they will do whatever they can to make things better for you.

  • Loyal:

Leo is among the most loyal zodiac sign. They do not want and neither they do the cheating game, they sip the cup of loyalty. It’s said that loyalty runs in their blood. The passion they hold for a relation is unbeatable.

  • Optimistic:

Leo woman is always optimistic, which means she is always aiming for a better morning. She doesn’t generally think of negativity. It’s the best quality that makes them superior. The positive attitude they carry on their back makes things brighter to look at.

  • Honest:

Leo woman believes in honesty, they don’t like the box of a lie. That is the reason if you know someone who is Leo then she is gonna be true to you.

  • Cheerful:

These ladies have their party shoes on always. They can bring an old day to a bright day with their swing in the room. They are most active beings and love hanging around. Party is the vibe they hold.

  • A Child at heart:

Leo is generally the kids that never grow up. Yes, she rules but from the heart, she’ll always be a little baby running around. She’s a soft-hearted girl.

Leo Woman Traits: Negative


If you’re wondering what happens when you hurt a Leo woman, then you should be aware of her negative side. Everything about her is too fascinating which also includes the dark side of a Leo woman. Every coin has two sides, one is in favor and the other not in. So let’s reveal the darker corners of the Lioness Leo. This way you can know what makes things a little messy for you sometimes. But don’t get low because every human has a darker side, it is just part of her personality.

  • Bossy:

The Leo rule is something we have been talking about but this ruling power sometimes leads to being bossy and this nature makes them breaks connections. Leo women sometimes make things look messy because of their ruling and controlling nature.

  • Arrogant:

A Leo can act like they are superior to all the others around. She can be rude to others around. She has the nature of being self-centred so she sometimes acts rude and arrogant because of her uninterested attention.  Arrogance is something commonly found in Leo woman.

  • Self-centred:

Leo always thinks only about themselves they believe in materialistic things they like being pampered. They always feel that they are only the one and only they can make it all. The love for themselves makes it more self-obsessed human. They only think about themselves when in a group.

  • Egoistic:

Her temper can sometimes make her look like she’s egoistic. And she can make a small drop look like an ocean. And then she leads to feeling the pain on herself. She cannot quit their ego for any cost. As it is told she is self-centred, she shows it when you go on the other side.

Leo Woman Love Compatibility:


To know the love compatibility of a Leo woman, we need to look that the sun sign of both the signs. The most major factors in any relationship are communication and compatibility both emotional and physical. Without these, no relation can work good because they create the aura for a healthy one. Leo belongs to some very romantic people and loves to pamper their love bee, so how does a Leo woman act when in love? They are like loyal lovers and don’t generally switch easily. According to your sun sign, your sexual life is the first thing that gets affected. And without a good sex life, no relation can survive in a longer period. So let’s find the best and the worst matches for Leo to go ahead with.

Best Matches for a Leo Woman:

  • Leo and Aries

Leo with Aries can be a good match. This match is one of the most balanced matches for a Leo woman as the compatibility of sex and communication are at an equal percentage for a better relation. The balance is one of the things that make a  relation to work.

  • Leo and Taurus:

This is again a good match but the ruling one here is the sexual life. If this is your combination then you are gonna have a great sex life. This not the best match but for a casual relation, this can be a good option. The level of intimacy is really high here.

  • Leo and Sagittarius :

This is the best sign for a Leo Woman. These sun signs have a great match and they tend to have a long impact on each other’s life. All prime consideration to run a healthy long-term relationship is running to the best.

Worst matches for a Leo woman:

  • Capricorn and Leo:

Capricorns lack creativity and that makes this relation a bit weird because Leo women are passionate lovers and believe in new ways to love every day. So, this can be a bad match.

  • Scorpio and Leo:

Scorpio has a strong personality but with Leo, they both don’t blend together and create a different issue. Scorpio generally finds Leo woman more heartless and so this is also not a good match.

How to attract a Leo Woman?


If you really want this Leo lady in your life then you have to check this list for sure!

  • Treat her like your queen:

Yes, you are supposed to let her rule if you love her. The ruling is what she loves!  If you are a dominating person then it is not gonna work for sure. It’s always noted that a Leo woman chooses the opposite person as a life partner that is because they like calm and controlled people.

  • Put on your party shoes:

Leo woman loves partying and if you wanna be in their company you have to set yourself loose. You cannot be a boring person with her. She enjoys and lives life like its the last day. The zeal and energy she holds is the beauty in it.

  • Pamper her:

Yes, she’ll pamper you but before that, you have to. She needs a lot of affection and attention. So you know what is your next step!  Do all that can be done: take her to the best places, because this might really make your things better. And the best part is Leo women believes in giving the love and pamper back so eventually you are gonna enjoy it to the best.

  • Understand her:

Try spending time with her so that she feels you wanna know her. Your efforts will make her love you. Every girl loves attention but also love it a little more so grab yourself and pamper her. And for any relation to being a good, one needs to know and understand the other person. You just need to know what is her mood and passion.

Best Career for a Leo Woman:


Leo is the best manager, this is because of their leading nature. Thus, a Leo woman controls and make the work sorted, that’s what an idol manager does. If you are a Leo girl and still wondering what can be your pick, you can definitely work for things in management. There might come some troubles in the initiative period due to the bossy nature you hold but eventually, you will hand at a better pace of work.  Your sharp skills can make your work for a positive set and can give you tremendous outputs. You can be a good manager for sure!

These were the positive and the negative Leo woman traits. Now let’s know some more, the best colour for Leo is red and orange. And their lucky metal is copper. Aries and Scorpio can be friends with her. If you are a stone person then ruby is your lucky charm. Your special numbers are 1,7 and 9.

These are all things that make Leo the sign of the lion. We have covered all the interesting things about the queen. Leos are a beautiful human because of the qualities they hold.