Lip balm

What is the best lip balm for you? Choose wisely!

We always talk on Skincare or skin safety. We can easily ensure our skin safety by using different skin care device like the Facial Steamer or Facial Toning Device. But we always forget about our lip. It is very important to take care of the lips to keep them moist and soft. Unlike the other parts of the face, the lips do not produce nourishing sebum. This means that they have to be protected to keep them from getting dry and chapped. They are also prone to burning because they do not produce melanin. A good quality lip balm can keep the lips in good condition. The balm is a waxy substance that when applied on the lips offers protection from the sun, cold, wind and other elements.

Benefits of lip balms:



One of the best solutions for lip care is a good lip balm that has an SPF of 15 or higher.

  • It should be applied on the lips frequently for best results. Also, it offers protection against the elements by creating a barrier.
  • It prevents moisture loss from the lips which leave them looking and feeling more comfortable.
  • Lip balms are widely available and they can be purchased in virtually every store or outlet, from grocery stores to gas stations.

Lip balms are made from different ingredients and some of the most common base substances are beeswax, camphor, carnauba wax, lanolin, and paraffin. Some lip balms also contain flavorings and essential oils, while others have a medicinal value such as those used for cold sore treatments.

Harmful Ingredients

When selecting lip balms, it is important to avoid those that have harmful ingredients. One harmful product that has been used in lip balms is petrolatum. A derivative of this ingredient has been linked to breast cancer. Health concerns have been raised about other ingredients such as white wax, Padimate, Tocopheryl, poly paraben and Methylparaben.

When looking for lip care products, it is important to avoid frequent use of those that are medicated. They tend to have harsh ingredients like phenol or menthol that when used frequently can have negative effects. Some additives cause the lips to dry out more.

Natural Lip Balms

The best lip care products are natural lip balms that do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients. They protect the lips effectively leaving them soft, hydrated and beautiful. Some of the best ingredients used in natural lip balms include:

Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in skin care products and it is also used in lip care products. You can also select an organic balm that offers more protection for the lips. As a rule, you should ensure that the ingredients in your lip balm are products that you can safely ingest. You can find balms in many different fruity flavors that can appeal to different people.

How to choose the best lip balm?

When choosing this, you should make sure that you look for products that are safe and healthy. With the options available in the market, it is important to find out the ingredients before buying. Most people buy it as an impulse item when they are checking out of the store and they rarely stop to find out what the product contains. You can end up with a low-quality product that is harmful to your health.