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Why people should consider Losing weight as a reward not punishment?

The good eating habits that once could have turned into vices. Like so many other things. Food tastes like plastic. You need artificial flavor enhancers. The palates have been perverted. Anxiety disguises itself as hunger. Sweet appeases it, but we stimulate it in a thousand ways. Excessive objectives and demands – that we cannot satisfy too many gaps in our existences.

A consequence? A constant increase in the number of people who suffer from overweight, instead of eating better, you eat worse. Instead of making a healthier and more natural life, the opposite is done. A little exercise surrounded by cheating stimuli that provoke emotions and behaviors that are contrary to the health.


Getting fat is easy. And losing it is, sometimes difficult and in others, impossible. That’s why there is more and more overweight in the population, appearing also at younger ages. And not only overweight or obesity, but also important metabolic disorders that lead to serious health problems. They have come to be known as welfare diseases or diseases of abundance.

The Fact

The truth is that the fact that so many people suffer from overweight, obesity and metabolic problems, can not only be mistakenly taken as a consolation but sometimes becomes a justification to lower your guard and do nothing to correct it. Being so “habitual”, an attitude of accustomedness is generated that makes what is abnormal “normal”. Finally, it is perceived as “inevitable” and the towel is thrown away. You stop fighting … until one day something serious happens and, by force, you must diet. Maybe then you are not on time.

Analyzing this situation, it is clearly observed how a global phenomenon at the social level, involutes to become an individual problem. The influence of large industries and the media that become speakers of their advertising strategies, create needs where there are none, modifying our habits and achieving higher levels of consumption than would be recommended for our health. The consequences of this, and their responsibility pass to the consumer. At that time we already have the problem at home.

This system of natural harmonization of weight , based not on a fashion, but on a methodology and long-lived philosophy of life, allows to live in a more stable and calm way, while the option of seeking to reduce weight directly by depriving of calories and nutrients , without taking into account the true natural quality of the food or the cognitive and emotional modification of the person, besides having many possibilities of failing, it entails and maintains a lifestyle that contributes greater instability to the person, with what the risks of relapse are high.

In other words, it is not about following a diet for a limited time, as diet tires, unnatural, partial and because it implies deprivation and punishment, but to adopt a healthier, more natural and balanced eating and emotional habits, so that the thinning comes as a logical result of the change of the person, and as a reward for the philosophy of life adopted, and that you can follow without effort the rest of your days.

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