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3 Styles of Luxurious Watches for Women you need to Own

Not all timepieces are created equal; some watches are in a league of their own. Striking aesthetic, intricate details and impressive craftsmanship altogether make a luxury watch akin to wearable works of art. Certain brands such as Rolex stir a feeling of awe and admiration in not just watch enthusiasts but just about every individual.

Watches for Women you need to own now!

If you’re on the lookout for a timekeeper that’ll provide you with the best in class when it comes to both form and function, you can’t really go past the lavish watch labels. Sophistication, precision, and opulence are qualities high-end watches are known and desired for. Below, you’ll find a selection of luxury watches you need to add to your collection:

1. Longines Elegance Présence

This stunning timepiece belongs to the Présence collection that is known for its classic elegance, a quality that characterizes all watches from Longines. The timepiece possesses a structured case and understated lines, which are features that appeal to both men and women alike. The rose-gold roman numerals on the stark black dial strikingly pair elegance with legibility. Watches from this Longines collection function on the precise Quartz movement. In addition to this, the water resistance of three bars ensures uncompromising performance.

The Longines watch for women works well with western formals, making it the perfect timepiece to wear to work. The watch is also available in lustrous mother of pearl, midnight blue and white dial colors for you to choose from.

2. Jaegar-LeCoultre Classic Medium

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The Reverso Collection from Jaegar-LeCoultre has taken inspiration from the Art Deco years. The essence of this particular period is beautifully captured in the pure and simple timepiece. The watch is popular amongst connoisseurs for the freedom and flexibility that it provides. The timepiece is comfortable on the wrist, owing to the supple design of the five-row stainless steel bracelet. This feature makes it a great everyday watch.

Moreover, the dial presents a face that is easy to read and possesses a central guilloche motif and brushed exterior. The watch is a contemporary interpretation of the line, in a way that it brings a fresh feel to the Reverso family without ever taking away from its classic sobriety.

3. Cartier Tank Française Watch

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The Cartier Tank Française timepiece, intricately designed by Cartier in 1916, is considered to be an icon of modern watchmaking. The watch puts on display the perfect union of geometric style and technical excellence. Its sophisticated flair and stylish appeal attract its wearers. The craftily built timepiece possesses a rectangular shaped case entirely built using stainless steel. In addition to this, the dial of the watch is silver polished and brilliantly cut diamonds form the hour markers. The rose gold crown and blue, Steel-polished hands further enhance its design. The strap of the watch is crafted with a combination of gold and steel, which dangles beautifully on the wrist of the wearer.

If not for its élan, buy the wristwatch for its impeccable features from your nearest Ethos Watch Boutique. The timepiece is as functional as it is good-looking. The watch possesses a glass material made of sapphire that saves it from accidental scratches. Furthermore, the watch is water resistant up to the depth of 30 meters, which goes a long way in protecting the timepiece from accidental splashes of water. The preciseness of the timekeeper is due to the reliable Calibre 057 Quartz movement that it is powered by.