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Select your favorite Matte nail polish according to your personality

Matte Nail Polish is so trendy nowadays that every woman loves to have them. These eye-catching nail polishes are the need of every woman. They look good on long as well as on short nails.

Personality and Your Fashion:

If you want to look cute and beautiful, then you have to focus a lot on your dressing and that what exactly fashion is. The modern dresses along with new style shoes make your look more attractive.

Suppose, If you are going to a wedding or a party and you have to shake hand with your mates, so you have to enhance the look of your hands. That makes your personality complete. For the enhancement of your hands, you have to use nail polish on your also. Nail polish is the best option to keep your nails more attractive in look.

matte nail polish
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Matte Nail Polish:

The best and cheap option to make your hands right in looking is to use nail polish. Matte Nail Polish is probably the best choice to use. They look attractive on small as well as on long nails. Many nail polishes are available in the market. You have to buy them according to your, need and according to your look and personality. Choosing a right nail polish is a much struggling task.

Some of the best and trending nail polishes are, discussed below. These all are trendy nowadays. Their qualities are also reviewed in this article. These are-

·      Matte Velvet Top Coat:

It is one of the classy nail polishes that every age women can use. It can be utilized either on party or a wedding. It gives your nail a glamorous look. Your nails will be, turned out that they have a leather touch. This fashion is the most trending fashion of nowadays.

·      Aspen Matte Velvet:

It gives your nail a velvety touch. It can be, used over the regular nail polishes. The color is gray that looks so tremendous in winters. You can use them at any time. Moreover, the best thing about them is their fashion never fades out.

·      Sue Matte Velvet:

Apart from first two, this will give your nail a light brown touch with shiny glitters. It will suits best with a wedding dress or a party makeup. The trend is increasing for the velvety and brown touch of nails.

·      Honor Matte Velvet:

It is one of the most eye-catchy color nail polish in the modern era. Every girl loves to keep them in their makeup kit. It gives you nails a matte touch with green color. Probably, this color would be the best choice if you want to go to a party at the night time.

·      Amal Matte Velvet:

The red color is, commonly known as a sign of love. The romantic color is also the second name. Surely, this is right. This nail polish is best for the bridals wearing a wedding dress of red color. It makes your nails prettier than the typical nail polish.

·      Iris Matte Velvet:

Iris nail polish enhances the beauty of your hand by giving your nails a purple matte design and color. The best option for teenage girls is to go with iris matte velvet. It will make you a classy in style and adds beauty to your personality.

·      Yves Matte Velvet:

If you love to keep your nails blue, then this nail polish will work best for you. It enhances the beauty of nail of any women having short or long nails. They are also trending nowadays.


The Fashion of Matte Nail Polish:

Nail polishing with neon pigments and Pastel was the style of summer. These nail polishes, look so good in the daytime of summer. Everyone wants to look attractive in winter, but it’s hard to look beautiful in winter with so many clothes on the body to keep yourself warm.

Everyone wants to look great in winter. Especially, the women love to look good in every season. Why don’t they? Everyone has right to keep himself nice and exciting.

The nails with matte nail polish look pretty in the daytime of winter. Every woman loves to have them on their nails.There are many matte finishes available in the market. You have to buy them according to your desire and look at your nails.

Written by- Maryam Bilal

Womenlite thanks him for contributing in our website.

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  • Helen

    I’m a huge fan of matte nails and often use a matte topcoat over my glossy polishes. It makes a plain nail colour a bit more special.