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How Menopause problems gets relieved with back reflexology?

The climacteric is the time in which a woman passes from the fertile to the non-fertile period. It lasts several years, perhaps more than a decade. During that time the levels of hormonal production fall significantly. So as to stop producing estrogen with what menopause appears. It also modifies calcium retention, alters mood and other phenomena. Menopause doesn’t affect all women equally. Do you know how a woman feels when they accumulate all these symptoms?

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Benefits of back reflexology for menopause

back reflexology

Can you imagine if, in addition to having a psychic slump and other menopausal niceties, a fibromyalgia is added, which is frequent? Menopause can affect a woman’s long-term health: bone decalcification, cardiovascular problems, etc. It also includes suffering the daily annoyances caused by the hormonal alterations at all levels, emotional, physical, psychic. The side effects of menopause can significantly alter the quality of life of many women: hot flushes, mood swings, etc. In these cases, complementary and psychosomatic techniques are important, including connective tissue massage and reflexology.

With the stimulation of the connective tissue of the back significantly improve the physical functions, both physical and emotional, appreciating their results from the first sessions. Mild or minimal hot flushes, greater mental agility and desire to live, more disposition for things, less pain, etc. And very importantly, it has no side effects and is compatible with any treatment.

Therapy or treatment

The hormonal changes that occur in menopause can be compensated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But it increases the risk of breast cancer or the risk of heart attack, so alternative therapies offer a wide range of opportunities. It together with a slight change of habits can provide you with a better quality of life:

Exercises continued: Do them every day, if it rains, take the umbrella, if it is cold, stay warm, do not need great efforts, the swimming or the trek are excellent, the “great” weekend trekking.

  • Activities that make you feel vital: artistic crafts, painting, ballroom dancing, salsa, tango, etc. write, make journalism creating your blog, help a group that needs it.
  • Regular daily schedule for meals and rest: eat frugal, the last at 20:00 and do not go to bed late, at 11:00 pm in bed, if you have remaining tasks, tomorrow you will do them. Rest properly and you will have renewed energy at the beginning of the day.
  • Keep the mind in continuous training (readings, activities, challenges, learning). Do not forget, the brain is like a muscle and you have to exercise it. It is developed by working, but it is much more! The mind is our projection into the future, where we create the first reality. Now NLP ( neurolinguistic programming ) is fashionable, read about it and watch videos. You will grow as a person.
  • Avoid stress, take things calmly and do not get angry about anything. Nothing deserves that you lose your health.

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