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8 Awesome New Instagram Features & Hacks You Need To Try

Instagram is functionally surreal with astonishing utilizations you can apply to your content and other relevant posts. Likewise, it tends to have their very own precise performances alongside enigmatic Easter eggs as well. No doubt, such settings unquestionably raises bars of such applications into extremes.

Get to know More about New Instagram Features

Hence, the updated or new Instagram is one of those mobile apps that are outrageously popular among kids, teens, and especially those who have a bright side future taste of picturesque photography and some crazy chocolate-box photo-editing obsession. So we decided to share some amazing settings functionalities of yours’ very favorite panoramic pictures pinning app – Buy Instagram followers uk.

1. Instagram Live

live video

One of the most amazing features out of the many that have been the talk of the town (social media) these days. Augmenting your videos to something more surprisingly startling as soon as it starts is the ‘LIVE VIDEO’ feature. More and more audiences are jumping straight into this interesting “camera norm mode” with confidence and self-grooming in the best possible way possible. Whenever you’ve completed a video, you’re given 2 options; 1) save the video to your followers can see it for the next 24 hours. 2) You reluctantly disregard it due to your awkward voice pitch or some disturbance in the background.

With the backdrop surprises of the photo-sharing app sensation, now you can lay back and relax while watching your followers getting glue-eyed to your posts. Now your events, cooking recipe telling, family get-togethers, business ventures, etc, have become ingeniously worth sharing. Good luck!

2. Archive Posts

Archive posts

Another big deal happening in today’s era of perplexing apps that define your personality to nimble-fingered details i.e. highlighting your daily life happenings with just a single click. Now you can just store it in your in-apps’ attic/ storeroom when you Remembering those old days when you look way to funny what you look now lol (pun intended). Wanting to remove your “crybaby” picture or when you had a big full grown shaggy head on your little face. A grim-looking face when not in a mood when someone had clicked or a not-so-stylish picture that really abolishes your up-to-the-minute swag.

All you have to do is open your posts individually, click on the 3 dots and then choose Archive to do so. Now you’ll never get confused about whether “keep it or delete it” when you can just perform the mid-act effectively.

3. Drive traffic to an external website

One of the biggest frustrations people have with marketing on Instagram is that clickable URLs aren’t allowed anywhere except the single “website” box in your bio. If you put a URL in a photo caption it’ll appear as plain text, meaning users would have to painstakingly copy the URL, open a web browser, and paste or type it in there.

Good to see that Instagram has rightly fulfilled its inevitable promise for users, specifically entrepreneurs’ and marketers. What really happens most of the time is that when you add a URL, it just appears as a mere text i.e. users would have to screech on their fingers in order to copy the WWW address. After that, they have to open a browser app, paste it over there to search for the specified site address separately.

The friendliest place to post on the website address for the hyperlinked click is right at your profile description. The blue lined URL encourages people to click on it without undergoing any hectic performances. Likewise, keep your URL always up to date with your recent guest post, blog, YouTube video, products, and services, etc.

Simple and straightforward, a text CTA (call to action) modification to let you market your stuff more proficiently. A win-win situation for online creators, bosses, and businesses.

4. Browse pictures of someone without clicking the Like button

browse images

This is probably one of the biggest hack trick ever for those Instagram users always hunching back on posts without liking any single one of them. Though, looking at photos without liking them on the biggest photo sharing website has many reasons for the backdrop. It does not necessarily mean that someone is stalking you. There are thousands of new users who just want to get acquainted with trends and appropriate uses of the high-profile photo digitizing app and as such.

The best way to do so is to let Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket of the photo, videos, ads, etc… load on the screen, and all you have to do now is a tap on the Airplane mode. Now you can fly freely with edited colors, filters, different graphics switches’ choices and many more. Want to load some more? Repeat this step again – Airplane mode on, off, on, off, and so on and so forth.

5. Use Instagram as a Photo editing app

editing app

Definitely a major use of the social media photo collection giant that gives your images the impressive detail you’d never expected. Simply put, this isn’t something to learn but rather to adapt. There are lots of people having multiple apps downloaded on their smartphones. But they do not realize how fast forward the most edit scoring features are rocketing in the biggest ‘image canvas’ social media giant. The Instagram updates are always on a winning streak! Thus, it strikes amongst its various counterparts, giving you great extempore picture editing performances now and then.

Using Instagram singularly is becoming a huge trend after witnessing a “Snapchat boredom’ appeal taking its grasp among thousands of users due to its not-so-cool features as that of its major competitor Instagram. We wish you all the good luck for your images creating an everlasting impression on beholders of it. Use the instant photography phenomenon Instagram singlehandedly without installing anymore photo editing apps. You got this!

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6. Pin your Instagram post to Pinterest


Surprisingly, with a high five amongst most of the photo regarding apps – Instagram and Pinterest can go together at a decent pace when configured appropriately.

In order to perform this brilliant functionality, tap on a post to view it in full mode and then tap on the three dots… on the right side. Select “Copy Share URL” to attach the picture’s link to your image board. A simple trick having immense results if you’re into professional photography looking for users to get the most out of ‘em.

7. Browse Instagram Posts from certain locations

Instagram browse

Here you go with the most suitable option if you’re looking for a more localized version of Instagram. Simply, search for the particular place for photos or just click on the geotag on a photo image already present there. In order to search for your desired location, click on the magnifying glass icon right at the bottom of your home screen – General Search Page. Click right on top, you’ll get a 4 tabs option, then choose places – the specific name of the place. Click on search, it’ll show you localized places according to the geo-tagged preferences of yours.

Additionally, to view posts of a particular geotag, just go the photo adjusted with that same geotag pin, click on it. Now you’re browsing photos with the same locale encompassed trajectory. Go to the search bar – places – near current location for a same patterned research as prescribed before.

8. Custom colors for your Instagram posts


Now you can use your favorite hue choices on Instagram. Shockingly, users have always complained that the biggest photo-sharing app has always lured on fewer colors and frameworks. But now things have changed drastically.

So here’s the deal. When adding an Instagram story, just click for the “you want extra colors” such as a text tool or the brushing one. After that, select the color of your choice. Just keep your finger intact on the screen where the colors are, a rainbow strip will pop up that is willing to get consumed in the most creative ways. Go on with your contour and gradient skills right on.