new years resolution ideas

5 new years resolution ideas for fashion freaks to follow

It is time to shed the wardrobe you’ve had all along, and emerge with a brand new one. We tell you how to transform yourself in 2018.

Welcoming a new year is all about resolving to be a better person in many ways. Some people wish for more money, others for better health. Still others wish to do something daring that they have never done before – and it often begins with giving yourself a makeover.

A new year, why not a new You? Get your new years resolution ideas here-

Don’t let your resolution to become a new You fall by the wayside – follow through by preparing to make it succeed. Here’s some help on how you can make 2018 the year where you emerge as a brand new version of yourself:

1. Stock up on winter wear


The winter winds are truly upon us. Brace yourself for the biting cold with smart new winter wear. Get woollen leggings, jackets, hats and pretty mufflers. Boots are a great addition to your winter wear, so stock up on different colours. Now go out there and shine bright in a bleak, cold world.

2. Get a haircut.

hair cut

The best way to change your look is to chop off those tresses and emerge from the beauty salon with an entirely new look entirely. If you’ve always sported long hair, now is the time to scissor off the extras! Pixie cuts, boy crops, and layered blunt cuts are always in, so you could try those. Or if you would rather leave it longer, you could get an asymmetric length, or a bold fringe, or new colours.

3. Get new summer wear.


You could be the grasshopper who sings all summer, if you invest in the right summer collection. Shopping apps like Jabong always get fresh stock when the weather turns – you should invest in a summer collection comprising light cotton dresses, skirts and tops. Come summer, you will have a new wardrobe waiting for you when the air turns balmy and the days are long and hot.

4. Buy some new shoes.


It’s time to do away with the frumpy flats you’ve been wearing all along. Experiment with heels, and start small if you’re not used to them. High heeled shoes give you another dimension of confidence, and you feel more self-assured and in control. Kitten heels are more comfortable if you would rather not buy taller shoes. Go online and look up the season’s newest collection in shoes.

5. Dress for your shape.


Most women have been wearing the wrong bras, picking the wrong dress lengths and generally not dressing for their body shape all their lives. If you suspect you are one of them, it’s time to get a professional opinion and buy a new wardrobe. Get yourself measured and consult with a stylist about the kinds of clothes you should buy to flatter your body perfectly. Get colours and cuts you’ve never tried before.

We hope you stick to your resolution – here’s to a new You in the new year!