Pimple on face
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Is a pimple on face is such a big deal? Step into reality!

Ask yourself, how many times you’ve panicked on spotting that not so good looking thing on your face? However, you’ll agree that it ruins your every special occasion! In the world of social media, you see loads of memes joking about a pimple. But is a pimple is worth all the attention?

Is a pimple on face really such a big deal?

Why you tend to lose your confidence on spotting one pimple on your face?  Why it washes all your belief that you’re beautiful no matter what?

The problem is, women are always in the competition to look prettier than their fellows. Each woman has a responsibility to fulfill which demands her to look beautiful in the society! Yeah, it doesn’t sound well…how looking beautiful is a responsibility? It is because women have to reach some standards to get themselves into the category of being beautiful. The standards of beauty require a lady to have flawless and glowing skin, she can’t afford to have a pimple on her face! Why? Because it degrades her beauty! Really? A woman’s beauty cannot be restricted to how she looks, it’s much more than looks!

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Society’s advises to remove it…

What happens when you step out of your house carrying that pimple? The society put you in the state of mind that you start doubting yourself! This society includes your aunt’s homely methods to remove a pimple or your friend’s recommendation to use a certain pimple removing skin. No, all they say are for your help, they want you to look good! But why can’t you still look pretty and adorable with that pimple?

Dealing with the everyday situation with Pimple!

  • The Date Night

Imagine you’re going on date and a pimple pops up, what’s the first thing you do? You get filled with the thoughts that your guy would not call you pretty today or he may not give you your desired attention. You’ll feel nervous whenever he’ll look upon your face because you don’t want him to notice that pimple. Well, eventually it’ll spoil your date. But the spoiler won’t be your pimple but you! It’s is you who is making that small pimple so prominent.

Think on the other side, if you love that guy and he loves you too, why would he mind seeing you like this? It won’t effect his love. And, if it does then how can you expect him to be with you when you would be aging and losing your young looking skin? So, be mature and believe in your love because love is not about how you look but how you connect with each other!

  • The important meeting

You are all ready for your meeting, took those important files and packed your bag. But then you notice a pimple…what’s next? Are you going to let a pimple spoil your meeting? No, all you have to do is trust your capabilities which are beyond your looks. Don’t allow a pimple lower your confidence. Be you and give your best.

All these are society’s notion of defining ‘Beauty.’ Living in such a modern generation, it’s high time to realize, believe and preach that ‘beauty’ is not just a flawless glowing skin. Beauty is how you carry your personality, how focused and determined you are in life and how confident you are with your decisions! So, next time when you spot a pimple, don’t panic, don’t give it so much attention because it’s not a big deal!