inversion table

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How to properly use an inversion table?

Inversions are common in yoga to deal with such conditions as degenerative or herniated discs, elongated spine, stress and even aid in blood circulation, among other conditions. It saves you from the trouble of balancing your body on your head or hands. Inversion allows you to stretch without exerting a lot of pressure on your spine. In fact, you can just stay on the upside down position and relax, but there are steps you can take to make the move more effective. You may check out inversion tables review at

inversion table
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Size Of Table

Adjust the table to fit your size for comfort. This allows your head to lie comfortably on the table. The table should be secured to a flat surface. You need to follow instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember that directions and instructions are unique to each table. You may seek the assistance of an experienced user or the directions of the salesperson from whom you buy the table.

Choose A Comfortable Inversion Degree

Each person is comfortable with a certain inversion degree. Some would go for the whole 180 degrees. Beginners should consider a mild 90 degrees. This allows you to acclimate and adjust the straps until you hit your most comfortable degree.

Securing Your Feet And Getting To Position

You should stand with back against the table and feet placed on footrests. The manufacturer provides directions on how to fasten your feet. Lean slowly to invert the table. If possible, hold onto the handles when dropping to make it easier, safe, comfortable and smooth.


Make deep breaths by using the nose to inhale and the mouth to exhale. You should stay inverted as long as you feel comfortable. For a beginner, a few minutes will be enough. However, as time goes, you will feel more comfortable staying in the inverted position and thus achieve more relaxation. You should work towards the recommended 20 minutes that can only be achieved by experienced yoga practitioners.

Muscles To Stretch

There are a lot of muscles that will benefit from the inversion. You should focus on those that feel strained. However, as a general procedure, you should consider stretching your abdominal muscles and sliding the shoulder blades. Upper back and shoulder muscles should be lifted off the table. Countdown to zero as you stretch one muscle at a time. Remember to pay attention to your abs.

Returning To Position

Use the handles to return to upright position. To avoid dizziness, you should rotate very slowly. Do not unlock the footrest until you feel steady. This allows the body and brain to regain stability and therefore avoid falling or staggering. Ensure that you are at a spacious place that is free of sharp objects or protrusions that can cause injuries.

Safety when using the inversion table

Safety precautions are important when using the inversion table. The presence of a friend, relative, trainer, or someone watching will help you keep safe. Follow instructions given on using the table including safe fastening. Be slow when inverting and returning to normal position. Before beginning on inversions, consult your physician to make sure that the exercise is safe for your health.