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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Say ‘I Love You’

Love and Fear are two of our emotions. Each and every human being experiences both these emotions several times a day. All other forms of our inner emotions are connected to these two types.

Love can be described as our will to extend our reach much beyond oneself; it is our form of unconditional acceptance. We can express our feeling of love for other benefits as well as for our own benefit. On the other hand, fear is entirely different as it simply represents a condition that persists in absence of Love.

Try To Say I Love You more often…

So, in simple terms, we can define fear as “withholding Love”. No matter which individual we come across, everyone is aware of the two types of emotions –Love and Fear, and the relationship between them.

Love can either be unconditional or conditional and is received or offered. It may also offer people with a healing gift, happiness or inner peace in the form of unconditional love. The moment we are making the selection of love we are also selecting from our heart. This involves the integration of both mind and body alike.

So the moment you make a selection of love it is obvious that you get a chance to maintain healthy mental and physical health.

1. Helps create a peaceful atmosphere around you


As we can now associate love with peace and healing, so it is obvious that we have also seen miracles of love taking the opponent even at the time of war. When you make use of love as a language for communication, you can create a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

This proves helpful even at the time of war when people engaged in conflict can be made to love each other through messages. People around the globe try and use peace and love messages at the time of war to end it.

2. It boosts your spirit


Love has the power to touch your inner spirit. As it is unconditional so it is obvious that it can be linked with gratitude and acceptance. The moment you are surrounded by individuals who are caring and unconditional you feel more energetic and warmth. Unconditional love has the power to touch your inner soul and promote trust.

3. Natural instinct


One of the most important human desires is to receive and give love. It is language that is very much powerful and can alter your behavior and mood immediately.  The moment you are in love you just overcome emotions like Obsession, ecstasy or pleasure. Love is also intended to create a strong attachment that is needed for raising kids and mating. Love is a simple process that involves chemicals and brain wiring.

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4. Love help you evolve as your best self


Lover has the power to push every button, put into test each and every ounce of your patience, help test and evaluate your values, test all particular weakness and wounds of our inner being, and challenge every bit of your strength.

Some of the experts also believe that love is an invitation for testing your inner peace and freedom.  It has the power to free your mind and spirit from misperceptions and unhealthy attachments, unlike fear.

Making the selection of love as compared to fear within your most intimate relationships also offers you with a selection of developing healthy relationship and understanding. It offers you with the willingness to accept your partner and each other without the need to change. It also offers you with a strength to overlook mistakes and faults and provides you with a strength to forgive each other.

5. Love also leads to true happiness


Love, unlike fear, is one factor that makes up the entire universe. It excludes fear in all its aspects and helps in healing. To select love means to select life.