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5 Reasons Why Millennials Love Astrology

Why Millennials Love Astrology?

Astrology has intrigued many people, especially the millennials. We grew up talking about the zodiac signs and finding zodiacs signs compatibility amongst people based on the position of their planets! Back in the day, it used to be a great way to pass the time during lunch breaks. However, somewhere along the way, it became embedded in our culture. It made us believe in astrology that goes way beyond playful discussions at a lunch table!

Along with learning about astrology, another interesting aspect of it was reading predictions in a horoscope and finding truths in them. However, we have come a long way from there as the horoscopes have taken a somewhat serious turn. With the advent of technology, more and more people became aware of it and started discussing their inherent personality traits corresponding to various zodiac signs like the back of their hands!

Needless to say, over a period of time, astrology became an acceptable way to assess a person. It is not the fad it used to be. It has transformed into a well-respected worldview.

But the question is, at what point did millennials become so serious about the horoscopes? In this article, we will address this question to understand the millennials and their proclivity towards the celestial arrangement of planets.

1. Offers Reasonable Explanation for Unreasonable Events


Millennials are living a stressful life these days with daily struggles, fierce competition, manic pace etc. There are many things that can rob you of your peace of mind. From student loans to mounting credit card debts, we always look for fault in the stars rather than taking a deep look into ourselves, and this is where astrology comes in.

If you have been experiencing an awful time at work for over a week, finding your mercury in retrograde will suddenly seem like an acceptable justification for these bizarre events. When we have the working knowledge of astrology, it equips us to handle these setbacks in a better way. Some people even claim that they check their horoscope a lot when things aren’t going well. Experts explain that people who believe in astrology often find it a spiritual experience or a coping mechanism that helps them seek guidance. At its core, some would argue that astrology really helps people in discovering who they are at their lowest.

2. Gives a Deeper Insight into Yourself


Astrology assesses your birth chart to study the exact position of planets at the time of your birth. These positions are then used to study your habits, priorities, and innermost feelings. Earlier people visited soothsayers or read their horoscopes in magazines. However, these days, horoscopes for millennials can be read and found in apps that are updated on a daily basis. It helps people know a lot about themselves and offers them a general guideline to evaluate their behaviours in stressful situations.

3. Helps With Romantic Relationships


There is certainly some truth in certain astrological signs not being compatible with one another. Many people are able to assess a person’s priorities based on their zodiac sign that they mention on their dating profiles. You can also read about the ascendant sign that gives you an insight into how you will be perceived when you meet the first time. Some even admit that they are able to justify a lack of interest from their partner based on their zodiac signs. However, smart millennials know when to stop using horoscopes or zodiac signs as an indicator to choose someone romantically. While it gives you a guideline to approach your relationships in a certain way, they strictly advise against treating it as a rulebook.

4. Spiritual Connection to Bigger Universe


Many millennials that follow horoscopes do not actually follow a religion. They often find religious practices regressive. However, that doesn’t mean they do not believe in bigger forces.

Horoscopes are like a spiritual experience for some. This allows people them to connect to a greater universe that explains a lot of things that otherwise seem mysterious. At the same time, some even argue that following horoscopes allows them to understand the intricacies of their personalities and that of others, without fully adhering to the rules of astrology.

It helps people understand who they are and form a deeper connection with the universe around them. It also makes them mindful of their existence and that of others. Most importantly, unlike other religions, astrology is not imposed or regulated like an organized religion. People are allowed to use the information the way they like. This acts as a big draw for many millennials.

5. It Is So Much Fun


Astrology has also gained a lot of traction in all these years because it is a fun thing. Many people indulge in their horoscope readings and zodiac tests for the sake of fun, just like they engage in other activities on social media. However, it is important to note that these accounts are only meant to be taken for their entertainment value and their outcome cannot be trusted.

For instance, all these quizzes you see online about your compatibility with your crush etc. are definitely for the sake of fun only. There is no truth in its results. Many millennials indulge themselves in these accounts for the pure entertainment and do not take its result very seriously.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the astrology is appealing to the millennials because they seek comfort in its paradoxes. While the jury’s still out on its effectiveness as a tool to assess complex situations, it does feel cosmic and spiritual which has been the most popular reason for its major following.

Most importantly, it can help people find comforts in grey areas in a world where everyone is asking questions in black or white. The believers often feel the connection with their stars and that is enough to instil a belief in them. Astrology is not a religion but it does offer guidance when needed.