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5 Reasons Why Women Should Love Weight Training

There is no doubt that women love cardio and other light fitness activities. Weightlifting is not everyone’s cup of tea, and only a few women do this without tweaking it. According to 120kgs.com, a website that sells legit and reliable enhancement steroids, most women who use their gear participate in weightlifting, although the number is small compared to that of their male counterparts. For weighted training, Weighted vest  can be used by Women for effective workout.

Should more women lift weights? The reasons outlined below will answer this question before we wind up our discussion.

Why Love Weight Training?

1. For a Great Shape

Perfect Shape
Women are obsessed with getting a great body shape. If you ask the majority of those in fitness, they will tell you that one of their goals is to shape up. Cardio exercises are great for maintaining a healthy body but are slow in giving you the body shape you crave. Weightlifting is a great way to enhance the chances of shaping up

2. For More Strength

increase strength

As one lifts weights, the body gains strength. Take deadlift squats or bench presses for instance. They are known to help trainers in adding more strength both to the upper and the lower body. With enough strength, women can gain more confidence not only at the gym but also in other activities of life. The weightlifting can be gradual to avoid putting an instant strain on the nervous system and the body. Make sure you incorporate both weightlifting and other workouts for the best results.

3. For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a struggle most women are going through today. Almost every woman has a dream of shedding some pounds in the future. However, just like in the case of attaining a great body shape, cardio exercises alone are not enough to lose weight. Weightlifting burns fat faster than any other exercise. Incorporating deadlift chest presses, squats, and dumbbell lifting among others is a great way to take advantage of this.

4. For Stress Relief

stress relief

It is scientifically proven that weightlifting relieves stress. If you wonder how, then let me explain. When people lift weights, the body comes to a state of anabolism where various hormones are regulated. Among them, the body triggers the secretion of hormones responsible for regulating mood and relieving stress. Most people are happier after weightlifting. Women who do not like keeping stress to themselves can greatly benefit from weightlifting.

5. For Better Health

Weightlifting has numerous benefits when it comes to health. It helps in increasing bone density and improving bone marrow. This means the better production of white blood cells and, consequently, improving immunity. Women who lift weights also increase the chances of flushing out dangerous toxins from the body. Therefore, they increase their lifespan at the end of the day.


From the above five reasons, it is quite evident that weightlifting is crucial for women in fitness. In addition to running in the morning, using the treadmill or having a yoga session, also consider weightlifting as an important part of your fitness schedule. You can consult with a fitness trainer to make sure that you are doing the right thing at all times.