10 Relationship Problems and How to Deal with them Easily

Relationship problems are common among couples. A relationship is a bond between two people who commit to and are loyal and faithful to each other. A relationship is like a plant; if one does not water it or nourish it, it will eventually wither and die. When two individuals choose to be in a relationship, they decide to share their life with each other and experience the journey of life together. The bond they form is based on shared emotions, dreams and hopes. This bond is built upon a foundation of mutual respect for each other and a mutual attraction and attachment.

Relationship Problems and their Solution:

A couple in love goes through life holding hands together but may often face relationship problems that may make it difficult to move forward without baggage. These roadblocks in a relationship are problems that need to be solved to ensure healthy progress of the bond. People have often wondered about how to save a relationship when it is battling severe problems. While coming across such issues in the trajectory of a relationship, the individuals involved must keep a clear head and make efforts to solve them as soon as possible before they take a greater shape in the future.

1. Communication

communication problem

One of the major relationship issues emerges when you and your partner are unable to communicate your feelings and thoughts with each other. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding and creates an emotional distance between the two of you. Lack of communication can take a serious toll on your relationship and lead to a sense of detachment. This is one of the major relationship problems and a cause for fights and tension between two people.

What to do?

Effective communication is vital to any relationship. A willingness to express yourself in a constructive way is a key factor in solidifying a bond. Make it a point to speak your mind regarding issues that are bugging you. And encourage your partner to do the same. Listen to them. Listening goes a long way in reciprocating their concerns for you. If you are unhappy about something, have a calm discussion with your partner about that subject.

Do not resort to the silent treatment because it is unhealthy and can fester into something bigger in the future. Proactively talking about each other’s problems and wishes can lead to a mutual understanding and appreciating their value in your life. Plus, by communicating more you can easily figure out that does your boyfriend actually loves you or he’s just not into you that much.

2. Physical Intimacy

intimacy in relationship

If you and your partner have stopped being physically intimate with each other for a long time, it is definitely a cause of concern. Sexual intimacy is as important as emotional closeness. Lack of sex in a relationship causes two people to become tense and angry with each other and drift apart. This may result in an invisible rift between you and your partner. This is one of the most common marital problems.

What to do?

Sex is an essential part of any relationship. It reinforces your attraction and affection towards your significant other. It is important to express your love physically. Be open to each other’s sexual needs and create a lively sexual dynamic. Take a weekend trip or get away and go on a holiday for a while. Rediscover each other sexually, and begin to value their importance in your life.

3. Negativity

negativity problems

Relentless negativity can be harmful to a relationship. Nit-picking, constant nagging and putting constant emotional pressure on each other are examples of negative behaviour. Every relationship has its strengths and weaknesses. Focusing only on the low points is a recipe for disaster. When one partner has a negative attitude towards every new challenge or situation, it tends to affect the relationship. Constant complaining, cribbing and being pessimistic doesn’t go well in the long run.

What to do?

Positive thoughts have the potential to take the relationship forward. Try to foster a positive atmosphere by cultivating good thoughts. Approaching a difficult scenario with grace and sensitivity can be a rewarding experience. A relationship unties two people socially, emotionally and physically, therefore, facing new situations together can strengthen the bond and reignite the sparks between you both. Highlight what is good and look at the silver lining of every situation.

4. Being apart

being apart

Both partners’ career commitments do not allow them to spend sufficient time with each other, resulting in them drifting apart. When your professional life takes over your personal space and causes you and your partner to grow distant from each other on a physical and emotional level, it is time to start rethinking about certain values you hold. One of the major relationship issues is when both partners stop interacting with each other on all levels because they simply do not find the time to do so.

What to do?

A small compromise would not hurt anyone and making compromises for love is sometimes crucial to the health of a relationship. Work is important but so is love and sorting out your priorities can be a good first step. Whenever you get the opportunity, try to spend that time with your loved one. Do new things together, explore, go on a holiday. Share each other’s feelings and fears, dreams and hopes. Spend time in exploring each other’s hobbies and extra-curricular activities. This way both of you will grow and mature together, impacting the relationship in a vital manner.

5. Friendships

friendship in relationship

One of the most common relationship problems arises when you are unable to like your partner’s friends or they don’t like you. You may feel alienated among your partner’s friends, unable to relate to their discussions and feel unwanted and constantly pushed around. This might be affecting your relationship with your partner in a bad way.

What to do?

Let your partner know about your feelings regarding your friends and admit to yourself that the dynamic you share with your partner’s friends is indeed an unhealthy one. This will enable your partner to make it clear to his friends that you and they are a couple now and they would be willing to stand up for you and protect you. You ought to let your partner meet their friends separately and not invite an opportunity for a bad mood.

6. Personal habits

personal habits

Having a strong dislike for each other’s personal habits can be a cause of contention and one of the major relationship problems between you and your significant other. Individual habits like smoking and drinking are common to most people and can cause their partners to be averse to them. This can lead to quarrels and disagreements between two people.

What to do?

No one should be forced to change one’s lifestyle over someone’s habits and choices. But at the same time, it is impossible to try and change a person to suit your needs and comfort. One ought to address these issues regarding their partner’s personal habits and politely ask them in an open conversation to adjust those habits so that they don’t affect their relationship in a negative way. One should also be considerate towards one’s partner’s feelings and compromise a little and make common efforts to keep the union going.

7. Change

career development

Incompatibility arising from a changing dynamic between you and your partner is one of the familiar relationship problems. Often in a relationship, one person is more invested in their personal growth and career development while the other person remains stagnant and does not evolve at all. This causes indifference towards each other and detachment from each other’s presence.

What to do?

To maintain equilibrium in a relationship, both partners should be willing and able to grow and change together over time. Both should encourage each other to fulfil their professional goals and inspire each other to become more mature individuals. You should learn from your partner and inspire them towards important life lessons themselves.

8. Jealousy


Jealousy is the bane of any bond and one of the serious relationship problems. It stems from a feeling of insecurity and a sense of inadequacy in one’s own strengths and convictions. When a person becomes jealous, they may exhibit signs of extreme behaviour and give in to suspicion, distrust and anger. It can be detrimental to a relationship.

What to do?

So, how to overcome jealousy? Feel confident and secure in your own skin. Sit down with your partner and have a simple talk regarding what’s bothering you. Talking solves most problems. Trust and respect are important in any relationship. Give that trust to your partner and expect the same from them. Devote time to your relationship and be confident about a future and see it blossom.

9. Being taken for granted

being taken for granted

Being indifferent and dismissive about each other can lead to serious relationship problems. One often tends to stay ignorant about their partner’s real feelings and assumes that they will automatically do what they usually do whether it’s the daily chores or something more significant without being acknowledged.

What to do?

Try not to take your partner for granted and take out time to appreciate them whenever you can. Sympathise with their troubles, give them a shoulder to rest upon and stand by them through thick and thin. Thanking your partner and valuing them in your life is the most important aspect of a relationship.

10. Conflict

conflict in relationship

Whether it’s arguments regarding money or sharing the same roof over your head, conflict is one of the key relationship problems. Quarrelling, fighting and disrespecting one another often over petty and trivial causes can ruin a relationship.

What to do?

Be patient and be kind to each other. It is impossible to live together without some form of conflict. The key is how to navigate your way through those moments and still come out stronger and closer to each other. Constructive criticism is more important than blatant contempt and understanding each other’s perspectives and seeing through each other’s eyes can be an important first step. Have calm discussions instead of yelling and screaming. Be honest yet be empathetic towards each other.

Where there are two individual personalities, relationship problems tend to occur. But, there is nothing which cannot be fixed if you truly love each other. It’s upon you how much importance you want to give to these common relationship problems. So, don’t just lose hope after fights, rather try to find out the solution and work on it together.