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Beauty is but a vain and doubtful good;
A shining gloss that vadeth suddenly;
A flower that dies when first it ‘gins to bud;
A brittle that’s broken presently;
A doubtful good, a gloss, a glass, a flower,
Lost, vaded, broken, dead within an hour.

– William Shakespeare, The Passionate Pilgrim, XIII

Shakespeare alluringly expresses the bleak truth that beauty is never perpetual but in a constant flux. The more you nurture it, the more it intensifies. Where lies the origin of one’s beauty? It’s nowhere but within the skin and eyes of one. So, nourish your skin and eyes to unlock the hidden beauty and turn yourself into the belle everywhere.

Today, most of us live with the baggage of fulfilling our daily necessities and in the journey of grabbing the best we compromise on taking care of ourselves. Physical stress, mental unrest, environmental stress, work pressure, bad diet, lack of sleep, hormonal changes etc. give birth to eye puffiness and dark circles making you look older than your age.

Are you willing to know how can you get rid of these eye bags and dark circles? What are the ways of non-surgical eye bag removal?

Essential Routine for an Eye Bag free, Radiant,

Youthful Skin

Your lifestyle choices can significantly improve your skin health and complexion and reduce eye bags and dark circles.

1. Adequate sleep

A sleep of 7–8 hours is required for a fresh looking, youthful appearance. The more you sleep, the more your eye bags will be lessened. If your head remains elevated than your body during sleep, you’ll not be at risk of developing eye bags. You can use an extra pillow to keep your head raised.

2. Hydration

Drink more water and energy fluids. Fruit juices are a great choice as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. The more will be your fluid intake, the more hydrated your skin will remain.

3. Eye contour cream

Eye contour creams are a blend of many natural ingredients which are really effective in lessening your dark circles and seizing any possibility of developing eye bags in future. A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream, one of the most effective products, has been formulated with various marine, anti-aging ingredients to cover up your dark circles, disappear eye bags, enhance complexion, and plump and hydrate your skin.

4. Fluid retainer avoidance

Consumption of alcohol and salty foods in excess amount causes dehydration in your body. The fluid gets stored in your body and under eye areas and develops eye bags. Whenever you drink alcohol, keep in mind to drink plenty of water in order to prevent dehydration.

5. Nutricosmetics

Taking beauty supplements will purify your skin from inside driving away toxicity from your body. We lack vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in our daily diet which are essential for a healthy, younger looking skin. This blend of nutrients and antioxidants in the form of beauty supplements lessens the puffiness of eyes from inside out and fights aging. A Complete Premium Beauty Concentrate Supplements can be your ideal solution to all skin problems.

Home Remedies for Reducing Eye Puffiness and Dark


  •   Honey


Honey contains multiple anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. It has been a popular face mask for years. But are you aware of its eye bag removal benefits? Take it in a small proportion in your fingertip and apply gently to the eye areas messaging clockwise and anti-clockwise. It’s best to use at night and rinse with cold water in the morning giving it enough window to soak properly. One week of this routine and you will see visible difference – lightened dark circles and de-puffed eye bags.

  • Tea Bags

Enriched with tannins and caffeine, this can be the ideal ingredient for lessening eye puffiness. The caffeine dwindles the blood vessels under your eyes and reduces the puffiness. Additionally, tannins soothe and tighten your skin by stimulating blood circulation. Keep hot tea bags in the refrigerator to cool down for minimum 20 minutes. Once you take those out, squeeze out the excess liquid and keep your eyes closed for minimum 30 minutes with chilled tea bags placed on top.

  • Almond oil

It is one of the great natural ingredients to lighten dark circles around your eyes. This luxurious oil should be applied on the affected areas and then tapped with pads of a finger until absorbed well in the skin. The best will be to leave the oil overnight and wash off with face wash early morning.

  • Cold metal spoons

Place the back side of the two chilled tablespoons on the puffed eye area and keep it until the spoon comes into room temperature. This is one of the most effective ways of disappearing eye bags.

  • Buttermilk and turmeric

Add turmeric in little proportion in a glass of buttermilk. Soak cotton swabs in the liquid and place them on the eye areas squeezing the liquid. Buttermilk shrinks blood vessels to lessen eye swelling and turmeric reduces inflammation. Following the same process, every day for 15 minutes is necessary for best results.


  • Cucumber

Cucumbers are rich in astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing dark circles around your eyes as well as in de-puffing eye bags. They repair cell damage and skin discoloration. Place thick slices of chilled cucumbers on closed eyes for 15 minutes two times regularly.

  • Potatoes

With natural bleaching properties potatoes aid in lightening blemishes, spots as well as in flattening puffiness. Squeeze out the juice of potato by grating it. Soak cotton balls in the liquid and apply on the under eye area for 20 minutes for effective results. You can also place thick potato slices, or you can combine cucumber and potato slice and apply.

A Final Takeaway

Rejuvenate your lost beauty before it fades away forever. We assure you that following these tips you will be gifted with a radiant, tightened, youthful skin texture.

Are you ready begin this quest? In the case of any issue, please feel free to write to us.

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  • Helen

    I luckily don’t often suffer with eye bags. It’s great there are so many natural ways to reduce them though. I use almond oil on my hair so will definitely try that one out next time I need to.