Sagittarius Woman
Quotes and Facts

All About a Sagittarius Woman: What Makes Her Magical?

A Sagittarius Woman is a beautiful mess! The women, according to the zodiac, born between 23rd November and 21st December falls under a Sagittarius sign. Jupiter rules this sign. A Sagittarius woman has fire as her element and symbolizes an archer, with half man and half horse. The symbol well denotes such women to be generous, flexible and open-minded with a positive outlook.

All About a Sagittarius Woman

Women born on different dates and months, show some incredibly offbeat and loving charms. Many of these are similar to people who share the same birth date or month. However, the true characteristics of a woman can be considered by the horoscope. This is based on the positions of the Moon, Sun, astrological aspects, planets as well as sensitive angles. For example, a cancer woman would have her own share of traits belonging to their respective sign.

Sagittarius Woman Traits

Despite having a positive outlook towards the situation, a Sagittarius woman needs mental expansion. Such a woman has a rare combination of positive and negative traits which makes them unusual and unpredictable. However, both the traits which determine a Sagittarius woman are powerful and indeed helpful for their near and dear ones, but only till they do not act too pushy. Always excited to learn facts and apply them in their daily life, these women set an example to the society. Here are some Sagittarius traits that define her at her best.

Positive traits of a Sagittarius woman


Born to stand by their opinions, a Sagittarius woman is always determined and focused on the future. Some of their positive traits are:

  • Sincere
  • Truthful
  • Generous
  • Far-sighted
  • Reliable
  • Self-dependent
  • Jovial
  • Intelligent
  • Fair
  • Brave
  • Philosophical
  • Energetic

Negative traits of a Sagittarius woman


Although a Sagittarius woman is a basket full of colors and happiness, they have some negative elements. These can be cranky for their better half in the long run. These women are careless! They often take things for granted which attracts criticism from their dear ones. Since their lust for something better never gets off, they can be dishonest with their partner. Being too honest is also a major drawback which this sign has to face often. Let’s see some more negative traits.

  • Overconfident
  • Inconsistent
  • Superficial
  • Inpatient
  • Tactless

Sagittarius woman: Career, Money, Family, Love and Social Life



A Sagittarius woman has a very joyful career approach. This is due to their craving towards meeting people and interacting with them. They are usually into professions that require extensive traveling. Like travel writers and travel guides are best-suited career options for a Sagittarius woman. These are the professions where the lady gets to learn and practice about multiple cultures. They are also instinctive and make others comfortable with their polite words and nature. Their magical words heal others. People usually get tempted to listen them speak, due to which they can be:

  • Philosophers
  • Motivational orators
  • A good politician,
  • HR manager
  • Therapists
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Successful social leaders and Activists.



Honey and money both go well with a Sagittarius woman. The love for money as well its importance can be well seen in the eyes of a woman with this sign. However, it is not just the love but these women are so dedicated that they can simply go beyond borders to earn lots of money.  A Sagittarius woman well knows how to save money for future as well as spend it with ease without hesitation.



Only because a Sagittarius woman gets too bossy at times and does not give much priority to their family, they are frequently found to avoid marriages and relationships. But those are willing to take the vows, are truly dedicated and loyal to their spouse. The partner, however, needs to accept a Sagittarius woman as a challenge and fulfill all her demands every now and then.

A Sagittarius’ personality is strong and bold and mood swings are common. They come and go both in a blow. Plans are often disturbed by these women due to the career priorities. This can annoy the family, both partner and children altogether and at once.

In spite of being loyal to family, the women with this sign cannot stay long in one place. They will always find a way to get away from family or with family to small or longer trips. Escape to local visits, parties and shopping are also common by Sagittarius women. For a perfect relationship, family members, as well as spouse, need to compromise a lot when having a Sagittarius woman in the family.


Being in Love is easy for a Sagittarius woman. Due to the elements fire and air, the woman under this zodiac has often a misconception about love. Communication is the major attraction for the sign. She quickly slips into a fairy tale love as soon as she finds someone who makes her happy and comfortable. The hunt for a perfect partner to complete her life and add colors to it can trap the woman to have multiple affairs all at the same time. Probably she won’t be able to hide her feelings for anyone. Sagittarius woman cannot lie and that’s the reason her partner can sense her dishonesty swiftly.

Social life


No doubt a Sagittarius woman has a compelling and astonishing social circle. She will always move ahead and find friends from different cultures and backgrounds. She does not hesitate to accept anyone who she finds interesting in any way. However, until she starts poking in their personal life, friends also enjoy their companionship. She always attracts people to the way she speaks. Her curiosity to find answers to a different question and to know about different aspects of life lands her to people having some amazingly different personalities and qualities. However, women with this sign are flexible and do not take commands. They plan their schedule their way and love to do things what suits them best.

How to attract a Sagittarius woman?


Sagittarius women are very easily influenced by communication and fall in love too quickly. But, it is not as easy as it seems to convince a Sagittarius woman for a lifetime proposal. Even coming close to such women is difficult in terms of compromising on your part. They love freedom! So, they avoid people who try to command them even in terms of care. The best way to attract such women is to understand their way of comfort.

For this, you should always try to make her happy and laugh together with her. She desires a true support to her decisions. You should find ways to make her believe that you trust and respect her actions. However, there is no better way to excite this sign woman than to take her on an adventurous trip. Also, whatever you do, keep in mind that you will always have to bear her sharp tongue anyway.

How does a Sagittarius woman behave when she is in love?                                                                              

When in love, this December zodiac sign women are well known for their loyalty and optimism. Although a lot of understanding is required by the better half and family members for a long-term happy relationship, Sagittarius woman in love is fast forward, physically expressive, open, flirty and understanding in nature. They don’t mind to make the first move when truly attracted to anyone. They send invites, plan exciting trips, talks for long hours, enjoy laughing and admiring their attraction, find themselves comfortable, show respect towards the other half’s decisions, share their personal stories and also encourage them to do the same, and never ignores them. Her motive and intentions are always clear and her physical charm always shows her love towards the date. Hugging, kissing and walking hand in hand are some common gestures you will see on dating a Sagittarius woman.

What happens when you hurt a Sagittarius Woman?

The riskiest thing in any relationship is to hurt or cheat a woman. However, different women show different emotions on getting hurt. For a Sagittarius woman, being hurt is a way of recovering her inner soul. However, she is not always successful in finding ways to make herself contended on being hurt. She tries to keep herself busy with things she enjoys but end up feeling the pain more. In any way, the other half will know that she is hurt because she will shout or scream or do anything to make them realize their mistake. Later may be moving on with someone else may be the permanent solution but temporarily she shall be super angry and annoyed.

The dark side of Sagittarius woman:

As each person has a darker side, so does a Sagittarius woman. They are both socially and physically awkward and clumsy at times. Since their mouth is not in their control, their words are blunt when spoken and hurt people around them. They are absent-minded and end up missing their important appointments and special occasions of their dear ones. Always rebelling on things often accepted by other people usually makes them lose some important people in their life. They are weird as well as messy and also difficult to handle. They think they know everything and are often bossy towards their better half.

Although love is a priority things get difficult when the other half is not as willing as she is when she starts getting a bit too hard for her happiness. Their short-temper makes the situations unpleasant and it is better they are off the place for some time in any kind of chaos. Such women can also not be relied upon as they are too weak to accept and fulfill their responsibilities. Their sense of humor is mainly someone else’s disrespect due to which it can be frustrating and inconvenient for people around them.

Sagittarius Woman Compatibility:


Once you have learned about Sagittarius woman facts, it is very quick to find out her compatibility with men of other signs. The men seeking a Sagittarius woman should be fun loving, independent, and gregarious as well as someone who respects freedom.

The Best Sign for Sagittarius woman-


Being a fire sign on both ends, a Sagittarius woman and an Aries man have a passionate life. They can never get enough of each other in any way. Chemistry acts strongly between these two. Both of them have a strong desire for personal space and freedom due to which they will never depend on each other. This will bloom their relationship and set a benchmark for other lovers. Having almost the same likes and dislikes, they will share an interesting life. They would live cherishable hed and memorable moments. At times, the couple may need to sacrifice some part of their personal space for each other, but due to their value and respect for freedom that won’t be a pretty difficult task.


There is no chance that a Leo man can escape the eyes of a Sagittarius woman. Both are optimistic, a good sexually match, playful, enthusiastic, like to party hard and live their lives in the best way. Adventures are very much appreciated by both these signs which hold them into each other for a longer relationship. In spite of having bad tempers, their forgiving nature and commitment towards each other will not let them stay apart. Their words will always encourage and influence each other which will act as a motivational support in their long run.


A Sagittarius woman has some kind of a perfect match with a Libra man. Both are socially active, love outings, relish friendships, charismatic, energetic, extroverted and easy to be around with each other. A full power sexual life fits in the cards for both these signs and as they demand. Adventure and excitement never end for them as they both crave for something new which binds their relationship for a longer duration. Commitment, however, is difficult on both ends but once it is, it is forever.


Friendship is the key to any love relationship! Thus, a Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man share a strong bond of friendship. Breaking rules and making life interesting is the base for their closeness. As a couple, they both will enjoy adventurous outings. They will have the same opinions on sex and love. When together on the bed they will be more electric and fiery rather than emotional and clingy. The most interesting fact that these couples share is their survival ways, even when they are apart from each other. Truly committed by the ideas of them making their life better together, they stick with each other longer and do not cheat their partner. This is indeed a rare combo which when tied up have lasting life goals.

Worst sign for Sagittarius woman-


Some major differences keep a Sagittarius woman away from a Virgo man for a lasting relationship. Friendship can be common between these two. But, they shall never solely rely on each other to spend their lives together. The main issue shall be with their way of living their lives as well as their conflicting priorities.

A Virgo man dedicates himself to his work and finds ways to be more productive while a Sagittarius woman will want to play and have fun most of the time. A Sagittarius woman shall find Virgo man to be dull, introvert, fussy and quiet while the Virgo man shall see the woman as careless, selfish, sharp and childish.


The worst match a Sagittarius woman can have is with a Pisces man. In spite of having a fiery sexual life, conflicts are common between these two when in a long relationship. A Sagittarius woman loves actions while Pisces men prefer to live in their dream world. From the woman point of view, Pisces men are usually depressing, too sensitive, needy and sometimes confusing.

Since a Sagittarius woman is bold and brash, and a Pisces man is sympathetic and gentle. They both will have to compromise a lot when tied for a longer period. This shall no doubt make both unhappy and unsatisfied with each other.

Well, this was all about a Sagittarius Woman. Now you know, if you want to add some spice to your life, go find yourself a Sagittarius friend. She loves being out, she cherishes the sunlight and the sound of the birds. She believes in magic and hence turns out to be Magical.