sagoon review

Sagoon Review: What it is and why it is great for you?

Sagoon Review

What if you earn while being virtually social? What if you could monetize your social sharing? Won’t it be great? Well, Sagoon does all this for you. Sagoon is a recently launched application with a moto of ‘Connect, Share and Earn.’ In this generation of social networking, Sagoon combines this spirit of youth and their needs with an easy way to earn.

What is Sagoon?

Sagoon, as it claims, is the future of social commerce. It was launched in 2015 by Govinda Giri and Swati Dayal. The users are registered from India, Nepal, and US.  Being a recent startup, it has managed to excel in the market in a very short span of time. With every day upgradation of all the popular social media platforms, Sagoon maintains its unique style with its already amazing features. It has three segments, all of it has its own specialty.

1. My Day

This feature of the app allows you to set your day and also visualize the complete day. You can manage your day at home and office in a balanced manner. It is not just a boring schedule setter like in mobile phones, but it has really engaging features which give an outstanding experience to its users.

It provides the facility to set reminders and To-do lists through which you can simplify your day. You can schedule your whole day so that you don’t miss a family lunch or an important meeting.

2. Story Sharing

The story sharing feature in this app is totally distinct from the stories you share on other social media platforms. The concept behind this feature is that everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, and ideas which need to be communicated. You can discuss them with your friends but don’t you think it would be great if your ideas reach the masses?

Sagoon, in its story sharing feature, supports your secret ideas and opinions which can contribute to the betterment of the society. You can share your own stories, discuss ideas and easily put forward your views. Moreover, it is really simple and easy to access.

3. Mood Talk

As humans can’t remain in a single mood all day, this another considerable feature of the app bestows you to have a Mood Talk. You can add your contacts to the app and have a mood talk with them. Your friend would know your mood with just a click, which would help you to express thoroughly. It contains a feature to vanish your chat within 24 hours, so you can just go with a flow.

The application is pervaded with many exciting features which makes it unique.

What are the compatible devices?

It is designed with superlatively great structures which makes it compatible with all the devices. It works equally great with Android as it works with iOS. When it comes to the terms of the best connections which run the app smoothly, all the connections including WiFi connectivity and 2g/3g/4g are accurate.

Why Sagoon?

“What sets Sagoon apart from its competition is that instead of turning users into celebrities, it keeps the connection real, allowing users to connect, share and earn by spending time on it,” explains the founder Govinda Giri.

Besides its competition with social media biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sagoon stands strong in the market with its fresh features. It offers its users an opportunity to earn as they spend their time on it. Thus, Sagoon is a must try.