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Saumya Tripathi: From Facing the Fear of Failure to Believing in Herself

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enthusiastic days of India. The aura of independence still shines in our eyes whenever we see our national flag, hear a patriotic song or watch a heart touching movie based on our country. No doubt, we have come a long way from where we started, the progress we made is highly commendable considering the struggles our country went through.

But talking about freedom, is it really there? Are women of our country actually free to pursue their dreams and live a life of their own? Well, lawfully speaking women are equally free, but practically freedom seems just a mere thing on paper. This year, we won’t highlight the cases where women have been victimized but we would feature victorious stories of women who overcame their fears and lived their own moment of independence.

Our next story of the campaign #mystoryofindependence reveals the fear of uncertainty of a student.

This is perhaps the story of every student, the inner voice of every student, but it teaches you that if you start believing in yourself, you’ll starting progressing. Saumya Tripathi represents the inner voice of every student who is in the pressure to make things happen


Saumya Tripathi

I had always been feeling left out for two years. I felt appalled and somewhat— sad for myself and sometimes, I even pitied myself for it. The friends I had, were already making their careers and were busy with their own talents by emerging them out whatever they’d as simple as that, painstaking trying to get something out from themselves.

As per I— my future was becoming bleaker and bleaker in every passing month. I always wondered if I could even do something in my life. Ever. And the answer would almost come as soon as it left my lips from the back of my head, mocking at me: “Of course, you can’t do anything you little witch. You are that dumb.”

And I would certainly end up chortling and choking at the same time on my own spit. I didn’t know what life was. And I surely do not now, exactly. But, I did know how sophisticated life could get.

“I am one of the dumbest students I could ever meet.”

However, somewhere deep inside my psyche, there was this little voice in my head that encouraged me not to criticize myself or be criticized by anyone and more importantly not to give up on yourself.

But, how could I not? When my own conscience laughed at me for doing— nothing. Bah! I so sometimes often end up crying thinking about my future. All those sorts of question happened to reverberate in my mind with what’s and if’s:

1- What If couldn’t make it?


2- What if I couldn’t get selected?


3- What if preparing for almost two years all went in vain?


4- Could I ever be selected in medical? If, yes, then would that be private institute? What if not?


5- Will I ever become a doctor? What if I could not? It’s my dream for God’s sake!


The answers to those questions itself made me contorted in pain.

What’d I do? What could I do? What should I do?

And being a melancholic little girl I would end up crying my heart contents.

Albeit, I never gave up until now and will never. “Having a dream of yourself in becoming something is certainly not a big deal, but having the guts of fulfilling those dreams and making them come true, are!”

That made me not to give up or rather keep going in my life with an immense hope of getting something out of myself in future, if not— a doctor.



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