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3 SEO Tips for Beginners to Consider if You’re Planning for Blogging

Rising interest of Women in SEO and Blogging?

There are more than 3 million women entrepreneurs that are involved. There are plenty of support provided by the government officials in terms of investment and other facilities in order to bring women forward in the business.

They understand how important it is for women to come forward and share their ideas. It would also provide revenue to the country and open new opportunities for other people as well. Some of the fields are restricted as people prefer males.

It is quite a known fact that this is an industry overwhelmed by men, yet there are numerous ladies in the SEO business who bring the bread at home and give SEO administrations to a portion of the best organizations out there. However, it is not quite a usual thing that they’re featured. Hukumat provides great services to their clients.

Entrepreneurship for women provides opportunities for women to be paid equally as men. Women even the 21st century get a very low amount of money than the men for the same amount of work. However, this problem has been pondered upon. A lot of work has been done in order to change this concept. Nonetheless, business is also run by our cultural norms as well.  Whether you are a woman or a man, you will be required to work on the same SEO settings.

Here are 3 Useful SEO Tips-

1. Website Designing


Flashy graphics and big fonts must be avoided. Avoid using borders. Moreover, avoid the usage of fancy navigation tools. Your websites must not be too wordy. However, it must be self-explanatory.

Have no less than a passage of content on the first page. This enables the web search tools to legitimately arrange the website and enables the clients to understand easily.

Have your contact data at the base of each page or in a place which is quite visible, (for example, a Contact Us page). This lifts validity. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you should connect with any good web development team who carries more information regarding developing better websites. Utilize your most critical key terms in the content of the pages, with the goal that the web crawlers and your forthcoming customers can discover you. Ensure that the route of the site is clear and easy to utilize.

In the event that a client can’t explore your site, they will go to another one and back off. Ensure that there are no broken connections on the site. This implies returning at regular intervals. Local-SEO would help you to bring traffic to your website.

Improve the posts that already exist on your website. Provide the most updated information in your articles. Another way to improve your articles include:

2. Post relevant pictures.


This engage audience even more.Posting videos help to gain more traffic. It delivers the information in the much better way in a very short span of time.

3. Choosing the keywords


Using appropriate multiple keywords multiple times isn’t essential to your SEO achievement. Such an approach would make your substance unnatural and futile for its target group.

This mix-up is frequently an aftereffect of attempting to fit a couple of various subjects inside a solitary bit of substance, making low-quality work only for including watchwords or enhancing for different catchphrases in a single article.