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Sharon Angel: Rising above Rejection and Learning Self-Love

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enthusiastic days of India. The aura of independence still shines in our eyes whenever we see our national flag, hear a patriotic song or watch a heart touching movie based on our country. No doubt, we have come a long way from where we started, the progress we made is highly commendable considering the struggles our country went through.

But talking about freedom, is it really there? Are women of our country actually free to pursue their dreams and live a life of their own? Well, lawfully speaking women are equally free, but practically freedom seems just a mere thing on paper. This year, we won’t highlight the cases where women have been victimized but we would feature victorious stories of women who overcame their fears and lived their own moment of independence.

Our next story of the campaign #mystoryofindependence is the story of rising above rejection while dealing with the ‘other side’ of the world.

The Story of a Writer

sharon angel

I thank God for all that He is to me.

This life journey of a very normal woman will make you build yourself.

Hay. I am Sharon Angel, from the southern part of India. I am not born with a silver spoon, but, by the grace of God, my family is pretty much well-to-do. My schooling is done in an “Anglo-Indian” school, and my intermediate education is done in Catholic Institution, also my Graduation is done in another Catholic Institution in the same city. After my 10th grade, I have not opted for Medicine or Engineering or any high courses as most of the parents want their children to be. Mine was not that case. I was given the freedom to choose what I really want to study and above all what I am interested in. So, I chose “English Language and Literature” all the way till graduation. Now, I really take this as a blessing that I choose to live a life that is really worth putting the effort.

So, one quick glance at my family, I live in a joint family, with my grandparents, cousins. Coming to my personal space, I live with my Mom and my younger brother. My dad expired in 2010 and from then my real life began.

It was in 2010, when my dad has faced block of nerves in the brain and faced a sudden death. I was questioning God out of foolishness and wanted to leave Jesus, to have my own way. But Jesus never ever left me. I was always protected under His Mighty wings. My mom continued her profession as a teacher. And Life took its steps…

Spoken Story-

sharon angel

I had a very normal life till my +12 grade, all the full, all the enjoyment with my girls. Stepping into graduation degree, there was a really different environment, not that there were boys in the atmosphere, but that sense of rejection. This did not turn out to a lie. It was absolutely true of what was happening around me. The main thing that I have faced is that what the world saw was the people around me were warm, lovable and happy to have me. But, on the other side of the coin, I saw utter rejection. Now, at this point in time, I was a person who was just going to church and just praying like a regular Christian and nothing else. I did not try to have a real conversation with God. I did not try to even listen to what Jesus was trying to teach me, I never took the guidance of God, and continued in my own way. Here’s the thing, I was never a failure, though I left God, He did not leave me. Yet, I found that emptiness inside me, there was some chaos that I was going through, but, I was unable to speak.

Fast forward, my three-year degree course is almost to an end, and I was still living in a world of unhappiness, chaos, depression, and anxiety. I never really made real friendships all through these three years. Time was just slipping. Though I had people who loved me, they were just rowing the boats of a fake world. Then I knew, I should stop letting myself to want people who do not like to even talk to me. I should not go behind people who already have a world of their own.

I gave myself time to think. I gave myself time to react. I gave myself time to spend and learn what God wants me to do. The person, who I was, just going to church, started listening to the Word of God, learning to apply the Word of God. From then I never took an edge to the thoughts of people. I learned self-love, self-importance, my capabilities, my talents, everything gifted by the grace of God. And the whole of last year, I concentrated on my academics, and hereon, though I faced huge failures, God lifted me back. I was after my graduation, I have taken many central university exams, in which not even one I was fit for qualification. See, this is something that I was drenched into, drenched into depression, thoughts would swallow me, pressure from my mom, worry from my cousins, that what I would do with my life! Was something terrible to face and hear? We aren’t the family, who lived a high fashioned rich maintained life, we are just normal.

The Answer to failure.

Furthermore, I had only one way left, which is to depend on God, to look patiently at what He has got me. As time was moving ahead, I was seeking God, a lot of distractions, walking away from God to the past life, again, God was putting me on track, and then Jesus opened a door for me, to study in the “United Kingdom”. In the process of seeking God, nothing was easy, nothing is done quickly, nothing was going according to my plan, but then I came to know, that there is a time of God, which is perfect. As I was processing to the admission overseas, my admission was postponed 3 times with utter failure, no financial support, then here, came the timing of God when people started mocking me, people started discouraging me and one point not to lie, even I started to fall off from hope on God. But, God never gave up on me. The taste of the timing of God is perfect and those will be the moments to be cherished forever, as it is postponed, UK, has brought out an outrageous change in the shift of student to work visa, this is indeed a blessing.

Through all of this, I was never a captive of pain and depression, but all this made me write. I am now a writer, who writes inspiration and poetry. And slowly I have learnt to build a website (@wisdomwithyou.com) and help people to think new and be productive. Never ever let the circumstances let you decide what you are, or what you are capable of. Make moves. Grab the strength of God and make a difference.

All the blessings that I count, is only by the Grace of God.

                Today I proudly say that I am a testimony to the Glory of Christ.

                                          Always write and cherish.

Stay Blessed


                                                                                   With Love,

Sharon Angel.