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Shraddha D Gupta: Skipping a regular Job to Following Dreams

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enthusiastic days of India. The aura of independence still shines in our eyes whenever we see our national flag, hear a patriotic song or watch a heart touching movie based on our country. No doubt, we have come a long way from where we started, the progress we made is highly commendable considering the struggles our country went through.

But talking about freedom, is it really there? Are women of our country actually free to pursue their dreams and live a life of their own? Well, lawfully speaking women are equally free, but practically freedom seems just a mere thing on paper. This year, we won’t highlight the cases where women have been victimized but we would feature victorious stories of women who overcame their fears and lived their own moment of independence.

Our next story of the campaign #mystoryofindependence is turning your beloved activity into a profession so that you can live life on your terms of happiness. 

I am a yoga teacher and I consider it as an honor to spread this bliss of health to more and more people.  Sharing the joy and benefits of Yoga with people of all ages has given me a new meaning and purpose in life.
It’s been a year since I left my IT job to become a full-time yoga teacher and life has never been so exciting. When I was just out of college, all I wanted was a job that I loved, coz you are majorly defined by your profession. And though IT was paying me a good sum, I knew it in my soul that that is not where I belonged.  And maybe that’s why it wasn’t the hardest decision to make.
Yoga for me indeed started as an art, as a performance, as teaching. But when my own study took stronger roots,  I was amazed at how it can change people’s lives completely. They breathe better, they sit better, they eat better, and how Yoga cures so many body ailments is in itself a miracle. It’s my dream to see people incorporating yoga into their everyday lives and they will never have to go to hospitals!
Currently, I have made a stable base in my locality and conducted various corporate workshops with reputed firms.  The highlight of my career till now came when I was invited to teach yoga in Goa by a Yoga school and also a resort. I spent 3 months there and taught people from various parts of the world. I keep organizing workshops and retreats every now and then and hope to do so more in the future.
Indeed this all sounds very cool, but truth be told, it has been a tough journey as well. Mine is a job with no stable income or paid leaves or tenured employment. It can be a bit tough to make ends meet if I am not always on my marks. But I have somehow begun enjoying it. I have a life which is like a boat and I want to sail it in the topsy-turvy waves of the ocean, rather than smoothly sailing in some pond.
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