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5 Signs to Recognise an Alcoholic Personality

Are there traits of an alcoholic personality for those who are facing alcohol addiction? Numerous people suffer from alcoholism and need to seek treatment in order to overcome it. Unfortunately, alcoholism affects not only them but their family members as well. For those living with someone that is an alcoholic, their lives can be turned upside down.

Is your Partner has turned into an Alcoholic Personality?

It is important for an individual to recognize that their partner is dealing with alcoholism so that they can help them find the right treatment options. Here are 5 signs that your partner has become an alcoholic personality.

1. Neglectful of Their Responsibilities


Alcoholics often neglect their daily responsibilities. Thus, this comes first in the list of signs of alcoholism. They prefer to drink rather than perform necessary tasks. Even when they aren’t drinking, they think about drinking or just don’t feel well enough to take part in necessary duties. If you are noticing that your partner is neglecting their responsibilities and becoming angry when you mention this, they may be suffering from alcoholism.

2. Lying About Drinking


Many of us have a drink from time to time, but we don’t lie about it. Alcoholics don’t want to admit that they have a problem often lie quite a bit about it. They will cover up how much they are drinking. They tend to lie about when they are drinking or how much money they are spending on alcohol. In order to avoid conflict about this, you may notice that your partner avoids you so that they don’t have to lie to cover up what they have been doing.

3. The trouble with The Law


Alcohol can impair your ability to make good decisions. If your partner has started to do things out of character like driving after they’ve had too much to drink, getting into fights with you where physical abuse is involved or breaking the law in other ways, they very well could have a drinking problem. If this is the case, you need to remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible and seek the assistance of an organization such as Gainesville alcoholics anonymous.

4. Acting Depressed


Your partner doesn’t want to hurt you. He or she will often feel bad for the ways that they are hurting you and your loved ones. This makes them feel depressed. You may notice that your partner feels sad or wants to sleep most of the time. In extreme cases, they may even act suicidal. Whatever the case may be, this situation is very dangerous and you need to seek help immediately.

5. Unusually High Tolerance to Alcohol


Have you noticed that your partner now has an unusual tolerance for alcohol? In the past, they may have only needed to consume 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks in order to feel the effects of alcohol. Now they may need 5,6,7 or even more alcoholic drinks to even feel a buzz. Alcoholics often have an unusually high tolerance for alcohol.

In conclusion, if you suspect that your partner is suffering from alcoholism you need to encourage them to get help immediately. Once they become dependent on it they need professional help to stop drinking. It’s not a good idea for them to try to just quit on their own as they can experience withdrawal symptoms and need a physician to monitor them during this process. Once you recognize the symptoms of alcoholism and help your partner seek treatment, alcoholism can be treated successfully.