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4 Signs that your Boyfriend is not Worthy of your Love

Relationships are always meant to make us happy and the feelings of being with the right partner are always on cloud nine. But when we fail miserably in choosing our better halves, then do we realize that it’s all illusion and love doesn’t exist in this mean world; but it is not like that always!

Why your Boyfriend is not Worthy?

Most of the times it’s just the not so chivalrous partners that draw us into painful relationships and we drag the entire emotion of LOVE to blame for our heartbreaks. There are indeed stories where the ideal partners are leading a blissful life (that does not mean they don’t fight) amidst the ups and downs.

There many signs which proves that Boyfriend Is Just Not That Into You. But, when you feel like it’s not working anymore, check out for the following signs to find out whether your boyfriend (vice versa) truly deserves your love and affection or is it time to say ‘goodbye’ to your ‘soul mate’ (pun intended!).

  • He doesn’t care about how you feel about his actions


He may have lots of good and bad habits which you might have accepted but that doesn’t mean it would not bother you anyhow. All his actions affect you to some extent and so he must be careful about what he does. When he doesn’t bother much about how you feel then it is time you should reconsider your decision.

  • He does not respect your decisions


Every woman has her own rights to take decisions; that can be anything which she thinks right. But when you man denies accepting your decisions and makes fun of it, you should understand your emotions are all wasted on him.

  • He abuses a lot


any kind of abuse, whether physical or mental must not be tolerated in any relationship. An experienced personal injury attorney works day and night to help victims of abuses and thus if your boyfriend is one amongst the culprits, do not shy away from taking judicial help.

  • He does not have enough time for you


He has time for everything in the world except you. When it comes to you he either becomes busy or possesses a non-approaching attitude. Show him the door when he does the same the next time and call off the relation!

The takeaway

Not all of us get to experience the fairytale love stories in our journey of togetherness with our partners. There can be major obstacles and agonies in the entire course of the relationship but the ones who care would always find ways to get back on one another despite the hurdles.

But, there are certain characteristics that make the relationships weaker day by day and at last, it gives ups all the hopes of survival; those are the habits that are mentioned above! It doesn’t mean there is no love between them, it only means the willingness to keep it going dies down and one needs to stop being suffocated in the relationship furthermore.

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