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5 Warning Signs Of Premature Aging That You Should Not Ignore

Growing older is inevitable as you cannot stop the years as they fly. But one thing that you need to be vigilant about is premature aging, a phenomenon that can make you look older than your years. There are some people who carry their age really well, while there are others who start looking older at a much younger age. Factors like genetics, poor lifestyle, certain medical conditions and exposure to environmental pollution can be the culprits behind making you look older than you really are.

Signs of Premature Aging:

While you should take adequate steps to prevent aging before time, it is equally crucial to be vigilant about its signs and symptoms. Addressing the problem early can help you prevent it and retain a youthful appearance for years to come. Here are some warning signs of premature aging skin that you should not ignore:

1. Sun Spots

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Hyperpigmentation on your face and limbs in your early twenties could be the first visible sign of early environmental damage. Also referred to as sun spots, these tiny spots are attributed to the prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun and probably mean that you will soon start looking older than your age.

Regular use of sunscreen while going out right from your early years is the best way to prevent the appearance of these stubborn spots on your skin. You can also use exfoliating peels to get rid of the existing sunspots.

2. Fine Lines

fine lines

The appearance of fine lines on your forehead, around the eyes and lips, is something that rings warning bells. Gradually, these lines may become wrinkles and give you an aged look. An early loss of collagen and elastin is the primary reason for the skin losing its elasticity and sagging before time.

Smoking is the main cause because it leads to free radical damage, restriction of blood supply to the skin and tissue degradation. Combined with environmental exposure, it can ravage your skin much before time. An early onset of fine lines can be countered by following an anti-aging skin regimen and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

3. Greying Hair

grey hair

If your hair starts turning grey in the twenties or early thirties, this is another signal that you are experiencing premature aging. The loss of melanin, the colouring pigment, is the main reason for hair turning white with age. When it happens earlier than normal, the reasons could vary from genetics to exposure to pollutants and excess use of chemical products and heat styling.

Primarily, you need to identify the causative factor and correct it. For instance, eating healthy and supplementation are recommended for those having nutritional deficiencies. Protection from pollutants and minimal use of chemical products and styling can also prevent premature hair greying.

4. Reduced Muscle Strength


Diminishing muscle strength is a common aspect of growing older. As you age, your body loses muscle mass and you progressively feel weaker. Lifting weights and doing other strength-based tasks get more difficult over the years. But experiencing these signs before your forties is an indication of premature aging.

Being watchful is the first thing to do as these symptoms will not be visible physically but you can only feel them. Invest time in building the lost muscle mass by doing some strength training exercises. Additionally, exercises such as Walking, swimming and cycling can also help. Make sure that you eat healthily and avoid fattening and processed foods.

5. Change in Facial Structure

facial strength

As you grow older, your facial appearance undergoes changes because of loss of bone mass. Bone loss is a normal aging process and occurs all over your body to, though it is more visible on your face. If you notice thinning lips, sunken cheeks and prominent temple in your early years, you are probably facing premature aging.

Facial changes are caused by lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, smoking, poor cardiovascular health, and fluctuating weight. The best approach to address this problem is by making positive lifestyle changes. Eat and exercise well to take care of your body. Take supplements if your diet seems inadequate to meet your nutritional requirements.

If you are witnessing one or more of these symptoms, your body needs more love and care than it is getting. At the same time, stay away from stress too as it is a major factor that accelerates the normal aging process. Take herbal supplements to restore good health as they do so without any side effects. You can read about herbal supplements to know about some of the most amazing herbal health supplements and their surprising benefits. Engage in holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation to keep your body and mind in a healthy condition. Abstinence from unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcoholism can make all the difference too.