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5 simple and considerable bike ride tips for long journey trip

Gone are the days when bike riding was only limited to guys. Now is the time when women and even young girls plan to take a long bike journey with their group of friends. So, why not have a guide for that amazing bike ride?There is nothing like the long journey. Fly in the mountains, go alone or share the work in the wind, feel exhausted at the end of a day trip, no other sport has these things.

Of course, in order to run long, you must first increase your strength by increasing the length and intensity of your long runs. Let’s say your weekend break is two hours. Over a period of eight weeks add about half an hour to each trip; In two months you are ready for a mountain bike journey of a century. Make sure you take one or two more steps for at least an hour during the week.

Bike ride tips for long journey trip

bike ride

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1. Intelligent pedal

With a cadence of at least 90 rpm, you will give your aerobic and muscular system peace of mind. Remember to raise a 20-pound bank 10 times instead of a 200-rep: Increase the same amount but with less overhead.

2. Eat and drink a lot

Try to drink about a bottle per hour, depending on the amount of heat and effort. Do not worry about what you mix with water; Eat one or two bites every 15 minutes. Consistency during the day is crucial. If you are traveling for more than two hours, plan a stop to fill the bottles and have a snack. (These raspberry bars are the favorites of the crowd).

3. Use the rule of thirds

Divide the journey into three more or less equal distances. The first segment should be easy to get around. During the second you should start to feel your muscles working. If you have a traffic jam on the left side, show it in the last third. Nothing screams “newbie” like jumping on the first climb just to the stop and has to take care of it until the very end.

4. Watch the wind

It can be friend or foe. If you start with a tailwind, you will drive with ease: you will land on the way home. Get together in a group during the liquidation so that you can protect yourself from others.

5. Plan the problem

Your trip will probably be quiet, but just in case you bring emergency equipment to repair at least two floors, a mini-tool, a mobile phone, an identification, and money. I hold a 20-dollar bill under the template of my shoe. Follow the rules of the road: Stop for every cyclist who needs it; Good action will come someday.

Fast tips

Pain and discomfort occur during long journeys. To minimize them, move.

  • Regularly change the position of the hands by holding your thumbs around the bar or brake lever for added safety.
  • To relieve neck and shoulders, shrink for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • On an open road section, raise your hand between your shoulders for a few seconds, and then swap your hands.
  • Stand up and release a pedal so that your leg is straight. Drop the heel under the pedal. Hold for 20 seconds, and then change legs.

Final words

Whatever long or short mountain biking doesn’t matter keep follow the above tips and having best out of riding bicycle.