solar pool heater

What is solar pool heater? How does it work economically for you?

The solar pool heater is the most efficient pool heating device which allows you to heat the pool through the solar energy and saves your money as well as power. That is why many people are installing it in their home pools to get the right water temperature so that their family can enjoy a cozy bath.

What is solar pool heater?

solar pool heater

The answer is simple; it is a device which converts the energy of the sun to heat the pool water. In other words, it works like any solar electricity producer, but instead of generating light it makes the power which is used for heating the water of swimming pool. That is why you must consider installing one for your home as well so that the electricity used in heating the pool can be reduced and an independent heating system is connected to get the job done.

Before buying the best solar pool heater, you must also know that how does it operate as a system as well as working so that you can invest in the right one according to your pool size, weather, pool length as well as the required temperature of your water for better results.

How does it work?

The solar pool heaters consist of few devices which works together to generates results. There are following components:

1.    Solar collector or Absorber:

These are the series of tubes which are mounted on the roof of house or building or the ground, even near the swimming pool. The energy of sun heats the circulating water which enters through the pipes and returns the hot water into the pool. The temperature of the water is determined by the owner through the digital Controller.

2.  Solar Pool Heating System:

The solar pool heating system is the entire device which has many parts. The main components of this system is the solar collector. It works just the like the tap or garden hose. When you start the iron tap on a sunny day, the water comes out hot or sometimes warm. It is because the valve is absorbing the free solar energy to the water and pipe which is heating it. Similarly, the solar absorber or collector heats the water and sends it back to the pool.

Parts of the solar pool heating system:

  • Controller:

It is a digital controller which tells the system the desired heat on which it has to work and operate. It is responsible for controlling the temperature of the water in the pool.

  •  Roof temperature sensor:

This sensor senses the temperature of the roof which is heated by the free energy of the sun.

  • Pool water temperature sensor:

It senses and estimates the temperature degree of pool water so that it can be changed according to the requirement.

  • Solar pump:

It is also operated by the solar power; it is the pump which sends the water to the solar collectors and brings it back to the pool. Solar pump plays an essential role because its capacity will determine the time in which the pool water will e heated.

  •  Solar strip absorber:

These are the solar panels which are designed to absorb and collect the free heat of the sun. It also allows the solar collector to receive all the heat.

  • Supply and return manifold:

These are the pipes which send the water to the solar absorber and then return the hot water to the pool. These pipelines receive and transmit the water from the pool to the system and bring back it to the pool.

  • Flat loop return manifold:

It is the pipeline which collects all the heated water from the absorber and sends to the return manifold. It is designed to transfer the water which the solar collector is heating.

  • Vacuum Relief valve:

The VacRel help to drain the water out of the pipes. When the water temperature reaches to the desired level, the solar pump will turn off, and all the water which is present in the solar system will be taken out with the help of VacRel which replaces the water with air sucking the tubes flat.

Why choose the solar pool heater?

1. Economical:

Among all the options of pool heating, the solar one is the best in saving money, reducing your electric bill as well as protecting energy. That is why it cost less than any other pool heating device. It is the best way to keep the money and one-time investment.

2. Efficient:

When it comes to saving the environment, reducing the pollution and consuming least energy the solar pool heaters are the best and the most efficient one. It allows you to heat the water using only the natural and free resource of sun also it is one a lifetime investment.

3. Effective:

While other requires fuels, high maintenance, and more attention, the solar pool heaters are the right option to heat the water efficiently. It generates the correct result, and you can control it through the digital controller which allows you to select your desired temperature. On the other hand, the solar pool heaters work as an independent system which heats the water on its own. Where the owner has to enter the temperature only, and everything will work in order.