Women of Substance

5 Struggles Of Being A Woman And How To Potentially Overcome Them

Being a woman isn’t easy and has a whole set of challenges. Unfortunately, many people still don’t treat women with the respect they deserve. It is our job to stand up for ourselves and overcome these struggles. The next generation of women will thank us for it. Here are some of the challenges as told by popular writers.

Struggle of Being a woman-

1.  People will tell you that you are not beautiful enough, smart enough, or strong enough


When you get told something like that enough times, you start to believe it. The truth is, people are wrong. You will get insulted. You will get called names. But you will prove them wrong. The haters will hate until the day you show them they are wrong.

2. People won’t take no for an answer…..even if you have a significant other


My boyfriend shouldn’t have to be my bodyguard. I shouldn’t be groped if I’m dancing alone. I shouldn’t feel fear when I’m out alone. This is one of the hardest things to combat. The best solution I’ve found has been to stand my ground and be firm. If I’m saying no, fight with everything I have. While being confident often can be the hardest thing to do when being harassed, I’ve found it to be the best solution.

3. People will try to control you


People will tell you what to do. What to believe. What to say. How to behave. You are YOU. Let yourself shine! Have your own opinions. Stand up for yourself! Again it can be very hard, but don’t let people determine what you wear, how you behave, and what you believe.

4. People will teach you to be submissive


The society teaches you to run, hide and give up easily. Your opinions don’t matter much in the society just because you are a woman. And that is not okay. This is the high time to address this problem. Every girl needs to learn their importance and respect the prominence of their views. Why are boys taught to be brave and ask for promotions and women told that the same action is impolite?

5. People will ask questions and ignore your answers


People will ask and say things that are clearly sexist or belittle you. When you tell them that, they will defend themselves and ignore your complaints. They may even ask how they can help empower you more but then ignore your answers. Keep giving yourself a voice. Keep saying it even if they may not be always listening. It’s a fight that is worth fighting.

Being a woman is a magical thing that also comes with some hardships. We have certainly come a long way in the last century in terms of both respect and rights for women, but there is an even longer road ahead. By continuing to stand up for our rights and fighting for equality, we are bringing a future that we all hope for closer to reality. Remember, always be a woman of substance.