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Understanding the value of life for Suicide prevention

Life is too precious. It is written in holy books that after many birth births we get this Human birth then why not we live this precious chance happily?

Suicide has become so common in our society that we don’t even bother to think much about it. According to numbers, suicide is mostly committed by the young generation. The young generation which is the future of the world, which can create wonders with their creativity and innovative ideas but they fail to do so because of something that makes them so depressed that they find death easier than to live.

It’s not completely there fault but it is all their mind set. What they think is what they become and they feel so helpless that they commit suicide rather than fighting with the problem. But speaking practically is suicide is the way to fix everything in life? Is ending the life is the best way to escape from disturbing situations?


Understanding the value of life for Suicide prevention

We all know that when a young blood commits suicide he takes away all the hope and courage of his loved ones. There are few things that our young generation must know and practice in their life. Also, it’s the responsibility of each one of us no matter what’s your age, what matters is how you can contribute in making your environment a positive one. Let’s look at some major thoughts on how situations in life can be turned in your favor with well and determination to live life happily.

  • We need to change this thought process of people that if they face any failure suicide is not the way to go through it. They should not take themselves as a failure just because they fail in something in life. People need to get up again with the same courage they had once before starting something. The young generation dreams big and they should never give up on their dreams. They should put their all to live their dreams.


  • We get this life once so we should not let this life go in an undesirable way. Taking inspiration from the surroundings, we can see that an ant is so determined that it always dream to climb high. The ants with all their courage can move an insect which is 10 times the ant’s size, so why can’t we move the heaviest obstacles in the path of achieving our goals?


  • Always keep the attitude of a child! Remember when were children, we used to run, fall but get up again to get what we wanted. We were so stubborn to achieve something that nothing could change our decision. This is the same attitude we need to have all throughout our life like a child, we should never accept failure and we should keep working for achieving our ultimate goal.


  •  Success and failures are part of our life nothing is constant and we have to understand and accept this fact. After failing in something, fighting back again is the ultimate rule of life. Bravehearts live their life to the fullest, people who are dead inside cannot live a positive life. Thus, people have to eliminate all the negative thoughts which attract negativities.

Make a move…

This is high time to realize that life is simple, it is us who complicates life at each step. The easiest way to live life is to accept what you have and work for what you desire. Accepting yourself and your situations will help you to live happily in whatever condition you are. If you are happy from your heart you can work for all the better things in life. You should be the person to spread positivity all around so that people can look at you as an inspiration!

There is nothing as overnight success hard work is the ultimate key to success. Hard work never goes in vain! Life is a beautiful gift of God and our most loving mothers, do not ruin this gift of God and disrespect your mother.


  • Kirti

    Great post .. very well written keeping the frame of mind which people have these days. It’s very easy to give up , but its amazing to fight and become a warrior and make everyone around you proud..
    One should respect the life which we have got. Beautiful article with such a noble cause to make people aware of the cons..

  • Mr Amodu

    Killing oneself is definitely not an answer to the question. Like kerti said. We fight to be warrior

  • Jackie

    This is a subject close to my heart. There are many young children and youg people taking the act of suicide. Which is hard to hear. At 9years of age. Those ages dont understand the value of life.. money or death. So to end suffering thats all they know. I wish… that everybody could understand the value of life… but it is hard when you dont know why you here in the first place. Without direction without hope without faith without understanding happiness and why we cnt have it every second of everyday. Sadness has its way of creeping in.. and to conbat that eveeyone wants a quick fix. For some that is suicide. I enjoyed reading this.. i have to remind myself daily why i am here and the value of me as a person and my life. It is easy to forget. Thank you for sharing!

    • WomenLite

      I have read your articles as well, and it’s really beautiful to see that you how you’re fighting each day and winning against all the odds. I wish you all the courage and luck for inspiring more people who’ve lost their faith in life.

  • Sona Jain

    It really breaks my heart when I see people commit suicide over very petty reasons. I wish people grow over their emotions and learn to get up and run again.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    From personal experience, I was abused as a child and severely bullied throughout my teens. I grew up feeling like I was still that unwanted and unloved child and had many bad days where all I wanted to do was end it all. But I pushed through and here I am today. For some they see it as a way out because they have not been given another option to survive.

    • WomenLite

      It’s really disheartening to know all this. You are such a lively person now which proves that you’re a warrior who’ve fought against all the harsh realities of life. What you did is the motivation to all those people who’ve come across such things. It’s all about finding the reason to live, some find it and start the second phase of their life, some just don’t have the courage left to find that reason.

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    Great post. It’s so important to raise awareness as not many people understand or even try to! People go through hell and back and such a simple thing like a friendly face or a listening ear can make the world of difference




  • Susu Yati

    Just when i read an article about suicide…this is a serioud we really need to watch out for…however, the home foundation needs to be checked.
    Hope it soom becomes a thing of the past.

  • Elsie

    Great article. Suicide and self-harm and depression and anxiety are real issues that people hate to think about, but we need to talk about them nonetheless. Thank you for doing so.

  • Sierra

    I think with the new news of Lincoln Park’s singer, Chester Bennington, suicide awareness and prevention is definitely in the headlines today. It is sad that people have to die to bring attention to the problem at hand. I think the more we (a society) talk about it and break the stigma’s of depression and suicide the better we will become.

  • Chloe

    Hi, what a really well written and thought provoking article. The reference to children made me stop and think and re read your post again.

  • Niki

    I cannot really relate and can’t understand how would someone want to throw away this gift called life. To me, only therapy can help people feeling suicidal!

  • Minakshi bajpai

    Thats really a important topic that need discussions. Today’s generation of people are more aggrassive and shorttempered . Specially the young youth cant tolerate a wrong word against them. And with anger they just know to take their life to an end. This post should be circulated enough so that each and every young one read it and understand it. Thanks for arousing such topic

  • Greta Lamfel

    Suicide is indeed a worldwide youth problem and my thoughts are that it begins at home. Parents should put less pressure on their children to succeed. Also, they should nurture their children lovingly so that they can have a safe haven to come back to when things don’t work out in the real world.