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Do Tanning Lotions Really Work? Know The Truth Here!

Who doesn’t love an attractive sun-kissed tan on their skin! It takes time to get a desired shade of tan. That is why some people depend on the shortcut policy, the tanning lotions. The question is- do they really work? Do they really give you the result you are craving for? Well, let’s find out!

Tanning lotions are different in types. Some need you to apply the lotion and then soak in the sun rays. And some don’t need the sun to give you a tan.

Outdoor tanning lotions speed up the process of tanning. The outdoor tanning lotions contain some ingredients which help your skin absorb sunlight rays more, and this helps the pigmentation occur faster. The outdoor tanning lotions also keep the skin hydrated, and they block the harmful UV rays. They only let your skin absorb the less harmful ones.


A sunless tanning lotion gives you a beautiful shade of tan without the need of sun-bathing. These lotions just give you the tint that might save you a lot of time soaking yourself outside in the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

So, as we see, both the kinds discussed above can help you get a tan. So, they really work. But won’t you like to know for how long?

As we stated before, sunless tanning lotions give you tan like tint. This tint lasts a few days. Apparently two to three weeks. The shade gets lighter and lighter as the days pass by and after three weeks or less, you are back to your natural skin color!

The outdoor tanning lotions work by the amount of DHA (dihydroxyacetone) present in them. Our skin has dead skin layers, and these layers have amino acids in them. The amino acids react with DHA when the skin comes with the contact of sunlight. This causes them to form ‘melanoidins.’ The melanoidins can absorb certain wavelengths of light rays and produce a tanning brown color on the skin. As we see here, the dead skin layers form the tan with the help of tanning lotions. Our dead skin cells naturally get shed in 10 days to 12. With that, that tan also gets removed.

Let’s summarize everything this article states. The tanning lotions, both kinds, are useful. They give you a beautiful tan. What they cannot guarantee is the permanence of that tan. So, if you are thinking about buying a tanning lotion, keep in mind that you need to reapply them once in a while to keep that fantastic tan from fading away.