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What are the things to consider when you buy postpartum underwear?

The right kind of a postpartum underwear isn’t much of a known term even to the mothers who have been completely prepared all along. Pregnancy is a time which hugely changes your body. And, preparing with the right underwear is one of the many smartest moves that you must take.

Majority of the mothers are underprepared for postpartum which isn’t right, as every female goes through certain discharge which is known as the postpartum discharge for a certain number of weeks after pregnancy. Before starting anything there is one question you should completely rid your mind off, that is why choose special underwears for the postpartum period? Well, we know how initial days of postpartum are and how much they are able to spoil those regular underwears you wear normally.

Also, I hope you hadn’t thought that soon after the baby is delivered you will exit the hospital with a body like before. Even after the delivery, a mother’s body takes months to get back to a normal stage.

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What are the things to keep in mind when you buy postpartum underwear?

postpartum underwear

In such a messy period it’s a wise idea to have the comfortable underwears with you that will make you feel better. And in case of a cesarean section, your abdominal muscles weaken, so you will be in need of an underwear that supports you there.

It is advisable to ask yourself few questions before you make the purchase.

Such as :

  • Would you want a disposable or non-disposable underwear?
  • What will be your budget?
  • Are you going to prefer wearing briefs that give your tummy support?
  • Would you prefer the type of underwears that can only be worn after the delivery?
  • What are the types of fabrics that will be your preference?

What kind of underwear is best in postpartum?

Some material that is worn often for the postpartum period include:

  • Mesh

Underwears made of Mesh (mostly Disposable underwear) are pretty light and don’t offer as much support.

  • Cotton

Cotton is one of the most famous options in the material after delivery as the material is very sort and allows the passing of air which makes it quite comfortable. However, it does get stained often.

  • Spandex

This material mostly used in compression underwear is excellent support and stretchy. They provide an extremely comfortable feeling and are comparatively more moisture-resistant than other materials.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is very soft and they too are moisture resistant.

Some of the famous styles in Postpartum underwear are :

  1. Disposable Underwear

Disposable Underwear cannot be worn more than once. These underwears are highly convenient which is why they are recommended for the initial few days after delivery.  As mentioned above the material used here is mesh.

  1. Full Brief Underwear:

Full brief underwears are great for covering parts of your body which you want to after the delivery. Most women after cesarean delivery choose this as it can cover those prominent scars while also providing an additional support to the abdominal region.

  1. Compression Underwear:

Compression underwear is made of spandex, they too offer the abdominal support to women post-delivery just like full brief underwears.  This might be the underwear you would want to choose if your aim is to soon get back into old clothes you once used to wear.

Bottom line is the right quality and material for your postpartum underwear will solely depend on your preference. Underwear which is high waist and supportive are a good fit for Cesarean delivery. Most brands offer lining which is hygienic and easily washable.

Material, Quality, and size everything should be chosen according to your bodily need.

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