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5 Things you may not know about your Cruise Ship cabin

It does not matter whether you are new to cruising, or you have been on several cruise vacations before, there are things about cabins onboard that you may not be aware of. Obviously, cabins vary from ship to ship, but it’s useful to know some general facts about them so that you can be fully prepared for the cruising experience.

Know about your Cruise Ship Cabin

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Photo Courtesy from American Queen Steamboat Company

The first thing to mention is that cabins can be very different depending on which type of cruise you choose. For instance, the interior of the American Queen which is used for river cruises is very different from that of an ocean liner. We have found the five things listed in this article apply generally to cabins on ocean-going cruise ships.

1. You May be able to keep notes and tickets on the walls


This may sound like an odd thing to do, but the walls of most cabins are made from metal; as you would expect from the body of a ship. This means that you can take a couple of fridge magnets with you, or buy some during a port stop, and use them to hold the paperwork that you may need to keep in order, by attaching them to the wall. Being able to do this can be very useful as it’s important to be organized when you are cruising so that you can get the full benefit of all the available experiences.

2. The cabins may not smell very fresh

If you are used to a fresh smelling home, you may find you are slightly disappointed by the aroma of a cruise cabin. This is because the toilet in a cabin does not have ventilation. This can become a real issue if you, or a travelling companion, get sick while you are onboard. You can be prepared for this problem by bringing hanging air fresheners with you. You can use the same ones that you buy for your car. Do not take scented candles or anything else that needs to be light, on a cruise as you will not be able to use them.

3. It may be possible to move the beds


Photo Courtesy from American Queen Steamboat Company

You should try not to ask for beds to be moved once you are onboard. The positioning of beds should be something you deal with beforehand. However, if necessary, the steward should be able to push beds together or separate them. Make sure that you ask for this to be done as soon as possible and it will normally happen as soon as you leave the cabin.

4. It may be a tight squeeze with the furniture

If you need a lot of room when you are on a cruise, it may be a good idea to save for a while to be able to afford a suite. Cabin sizes do vary, but most are not huge. The furniture is also usually exceptionally heavy, so you cannot move it around to create extra space. There is a very good reason for this; lighter furniture could move around with the role of the ocean, and cause damage or injury. The good news is that if you feel as though you do not have enough space in your cabin there is always plenty to do elsewhere on the ship. This is the case even when bad weather causes deck based activities to be cancelled. You can shop, eat, watch shows and visit the gym indoors; amongst many other activities.

5. The water is safe for you to drink

You do not have to worry about drinking the water in the cabin on European and US-based cruise ships. It’s been filtered and tested and is certified to be safe. This means that you can take a water bottle with you and fill it in your cabin. Doing so helps to keep you hydrated while you explore, onboard and ashore.

It’s a good idea to take a look at information about the cabins on a cruise ship before you book. Doing so means that you have specific information that you may find useful to supplement the general observations we have mentioned in this article. Having as much information as possible helps you to choose the best cruise for you.

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