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9 Things You Shouldn’t Be Using With Your Hair Extensions

In this age and era, most women want to have hair extensions on. When it comes to buying hair extensions, you get what you pay for. The price for hair extensions depends on the quantity, length, and quality of hair. If you already have a hair extension, you might be wondering why your hair looks dry or brittle and damaged. The products that we use can have an impact on the hair extensions

Don’ts with Hair Extensions:

You might consider checking the types of products you are using to maintain slather and style your hair extensions with. If you aren’t quite sure the sorts of things to not use, then the below guide will help you.

1. Sulphate shampoos

With HuffingTonPost deeming sulphate shampoos engine grease to natural hair, it is a NO GO TO use sulphate shampoos on any hair extension either. Sulphate is a chemical which is found in cleaning products and toothpaste. Sulphate is mainly used as a cleaning detergent. Just like the way we use sulphate in toothpaste to clean our teeth, sulphate shampoos are made in a way that they are supposed to get deep into the roots of our hairs and give the hair a really nice and thoroughly clean.

Unfortunately, a lot of hair extensions can’t replace the natural oils which are removed when washing the hair using the sulphate shampoos. Due to this, your hair extensions tend to become dry and brittle.

To avoid your hair extensions becoming dry and brittle and also to help your clip-ins stay locked in, moisturized and hydrated always opt for shampoos that are sulphate-free. To tell whether a shampoo product has sulphate in it, it will be labeled as sulfphate free shampoos for you to know which to take.

2. Bleach

Bleach also is a product that shouldn’t be used on hair extensions. This is because almost all hair extensions have already passed through a chemical process. Bleaching the hair will make the extensions to be dry and also reduce their lifespan hence they won’t give you a lot of services. If by any chance you want to dye your hair extension it is recommended for you to use a color that’s lighter than the shade of the hair extension, this is because most of the hair extensions can only be dyed a shade that’s darker.

However, if you want to make pastel hair extensions, you can use semi-permanent hair dyes and toners. Dyes such as rainbow crazy color can be good alternatives instead of using bleach.

3. Normal bristle brushes

If you have been using regular brushes on your hair extensions, then it’s high time you stopped. Using regular bristle brushes on hair extensions will break the strands on your hair. Instead, opt to use brushes that are specifically designed to be used on hair extensions. The brushes are made in a way that the bristles are looped to prevent pulling on the hair extensions strands which might cause breakage or encourage shedding.

4. Products that have alcohol

Never use any product that has alcohol on your hair extensions. Products that contain alcohol will only make your hair to get tangled, make them shed and mat badly. Before buying you can look at the bottle’s ingredients to know whether they contain alcohol or not. The components which are listed on the top are mostly the ones used to make the product. So if you happen to see alcohol at the top of the list, it’s better to avoid the product altogether.

5. Cheap hair

When it goes down to hair extensions, quality hair is everything. Even if you are trying to cut on cost always avoid using cheap hair as it never lasts long. When it comes to hair extensions, you get what you paid for. If you spend a huge amount for hair, then you are assured of getting hair extension that has good quality but if you opt for cheaper hair most likely the hair will be cheap and of low quality. Cheap hair extensions tend to tangle a lot.

6. Avoid using glue hair extensions

Glue extensions can be damaging to your hair. One of the important things, when it comes to hair extension, is the maintenance. Hair extensions which can be removed and put back after 1-2 months without having a glue residue should be highly considered. When you are not in a position to change and maintain the placements of your hair extensions, you will be applying pressure on your natural hair which is holding the hair extension in place. This can lead to your hair being weak and even make it break. It’s necessary always to avoid using glue hair extensions if you want your hair to remain strong.

7. Avoid using a regular hair stylist

Hair stylists come in handy especially if you want to get new hair extensions. Hair extension experts can be compared to plastic surgeons in the salon business. You wouldn’t want a normal hair stylist to apply for your hair extension. Just because the hairstylist is good doesn’t make them professionals in applying for extensions. It takes knowledge, patience, and creativity to be a suitable extension applicator. Next time you visit the salon look for a professional stylist who will give you excellent results with your hair extension.

8. Too much heat on hair

When you use too much heat on your hair extensions, it can cause it to develop a split end and cause damage it just like with your natural hair. If you are using a human hair for a hair extension avoids using too much hair as it might break. You can prevent overheating your hair on a daily basis by opting to use roller sets, pin curls, or use a hair extension that’s naturally wavy.

9. Heavy extensions

Always consider the weight of your hair extension before applying it. Massive hair extensions can cause a strain to your natural hair making it break. Heavy and longer hair extension is also hard to maintain because of the volume.


Hair extensions can make you look glamorous, but it’s also important to note some of the things that shouldn’t be used when having hair extensions on. Avoid amateur hair stylists and consult only a legit hair extension distributor preferably in China because this is the country where you’ll find only the legit ones