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4 important tips to consider while wearing flare pants

The 70s was one of fashion’s golden decades, and the best things that came out of it are by far the flare pants. Since their prime moments in the 70s, the flare pants have had a few minor comebacks, but they were never able to match their initial popularity. However, this is all about to change in 2018. Whether we are all bored with skinny pants, or we are simply nostalgic about the 70s, we are now ready to embrace the flares, and give them back their well-deserved popularity. However, as comfortable as they may be, these pants are not that easy to wear. The biggest challenges are finding the right pants for your body type and giving them a contemporary vibe.

Tips For Wearing Flare Pants

1. Finding the right length

plain flare pants

We all have legs of different lengths and we can’t really change this. However, it is important to find a pair of flares suitable for the length of your legs or the height of your shoes. The perfect pants should have the hem gently skimming the floor. Stay away from pants that are too short. You can wear them with flats, but you will be wasting a huge opportunity to make your legs look longer. So, focus on longer pants that you can wear with heels or platforms.

2. Colors and prints

If you are not comfortable wearing prints, you can always buy a pair of denim flare pants, which are very easy to wear. However, for a happier and more sophisticated outfit, consider a pair of pants with flower prints. You can find a great selection of flower print flare pants on the Veronica M website. To find the right print for your body, keep in mind that a darker background and small flowers will make you look slimmer, whereas a lighter background with bigger flowers will highlight your natural curves.

3. Choosing the right tops


Since the flares will add a lot of volume to the lower part of the body, you can create a harmonious silhouette if you choose a tight fit top. If you are very skinny, you can also opt for a top with a looser fit, as long as you manage to create balance in your look.

4. Accessories


This is where things get a little challenging. The accessories are the key to creating a cool, contemporary look. To avoid any retro vibe, stay away from hippie accessories, which means basically anything that has tassels or braided/woven details. Lace should also be avoided. Choose minimalistic accessories and eccentric color combinations to give these pants a stronger contemporary vibe.