7 tips on how to get pregnant for a successful pregnancy

In today’s fast-paced life, rather than ‘do it yourself!’ approach, everyone needs instant solutions from the experts. So, how can ‘getting a bundle of joy’ be an exception! However, there are few things you can try yourself before even visiting a professional for a successful pregnancy. We will disclose seven things you can attempt before visiting your gynecologist.

How to get pregnant?

1. Say bye to smoking and alcohol

no smoking

Other than affecting our health adversely, smoking also reduces fertility. Hence quitting smoking increases your chances of conception. Also, it has been proven that alcohol intake is not safe for the fetus; hence, it is best to avoid it when planning for a baby.

2. Stay stress-free


Stress plays an important role when it comes to conception. The study shows that 30% of the total infertility problems are related to stress. Hence, if you want to conceive, being stress-free is the key. Meditation, Yoga and Pilates can help you relieve your stress. Don’t get obsessed with getting pregnant as it indirectly causes anxiety. Live in the moment and enjoy the daily activities that you normally rush through.

3. Watch your weight

weight loss

Being under or overweight can adversely impact your fertility. Hence, maintain a healthy weight by exercise and proper diet. If you are overweight, lose your weight gradually as abruptly losing too much weight can result in sending a wrong signal to the body which thinks that it is not the right time to conceive.

4. Know your cycle


Ovulation is the best time for getting pregnant and is the only time window of around six days during which you can conceive. As the menstrual cycle and ovulation are specific to an individual, as a thumb-rule, a female having a 28-day cycle, ovulates on the 14th day. You can also watch for tell-tale signs of ovulation like a twinge of pain in one side and thin-slippery cervical mucus.

5. Have sex at the right time


As there is only limited available time for the sperms to meet the egg for the conception, you have to make the best out of it. It is, however, advised to have sex regularly throughout the month if planning to get pregnant as it ensures better quality sperms resulting into healthy pregnancy and offspring and also relieves the couple from the added stress of having sex at a certain time. However, do not forget that the time around ovulation is the best fertile time.

6. Lay low after the intercourse

Lie in bed 10-25 minutes right after the intercourse with your feet in the air. It restricts your pelvis from moving, letting the sperms reach the cervix and increase the chances of you getting pregnant. Avoid going to the bathroom during this time.

7. Avoid prolonged heat exposure


For optimum sperm production, testicles need to be at a temperature below the body temperature. Thus, men should avoid heat exposure such as hot baths, hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, etc. Additionally, wear loose boxers instead of tight pants.

Following these tips and having regular unprotected sex, 85% of the couples conceive within a year. Living in India, especially in Banglore, if you have not gotten pregnant even after trying to conceive for more than a year, it is advised to visit the best gynecologist in Bangalore and take the expert’s advice.