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7 Tips to Bring Back the Lost Charm of the Working Woman

“Oh God, I look horrible.”

“My dark circles are uglier than before.”

“I need to do something about the pigmentation.”

Do you go to bed moaning about how careless you have become and how badly you are treating your skin and beauty? Do you promise yourself to meet your beautician soon and get a relaxing spa done? Are you sad at how your eyes look so puffy every single morning? Are you unable to pamper yourself the way you did in college? Is your work taking away all your beauty and charm?

Some of these thoughts can come to your mind.

You are sad about it, but you don’t understand what to do.

Here’s what I have for all you working women out there. The wonderful habits that will bring back your lost charm and get you a few wows every time you go out.

7 Tips to Bring Back the Lost Charm of the Working



  1. Cleanse your skin every night

Your skin is exposed to all that unwanted pollution and dust, every single day. You have no idea how much dust you carry back when you return home. The dust that sticks to your face causes that ugly acne that you hate the most.

One habit that I recommend everybody to implement is to cleanse your face every night before you go to bed. Take a cotton ball, a gentle cleanser and wipe your face well. Make sure you do not sleep with any makeup on. Cleansing your face lets it respire for the entire night, making your skin feel and look fresh the next morning.

  1. Wet Wipes and Cologne

We all sweat and traveling augments it. The sweat makes all that make up die out and you look like a tired woman with no time to take care of herself. One quick tip is to keep a pack of fragrant wet wipe tissues. Every time you feel your face is dying, quickly pull a tissue out from your bag and there you go. It gives instant freshness, something much required before a meeting maybe.

I also suggest keeping one of your favorite colognes handy in your bag. Make sure it is soothing and very gentle. You will be surprised at how your handbag can save you embarrassment in a hundred ways.

  1. Your Hair

It can be very confusing to decide how to do your hair. Especially because you do not have the time to spend on a fancy hair do, I am quite sure you either leave them loose or tie them into a bun. While I suggest leaving your hair loose only if they completely suit you and you can manage them the entire day, I also understand that always tying a bun can be a bit boring.

Why don’t you play with your hair? It is not that difficult. So here’s the trick. A pony on a Monday, a braid on a Tuesday, a bun on a Wednesday, leave them hanging on your shoulders on a Thursday and half tie them on a Friday. These are not complicated styles but will give you a new look every day of the week.

  1. Put on Make Up in the Office

I like being presentable always. I used to make sure I do my little makeup just before leaving the house. However, to my disappointment, I realized that by the time I would reach the office, either my hair would be in a mess, or my lipstick would go off.

I found a simple but efficient manner out for this. I started putting on makeup only after reaching office. It just takes 5 minutes. A light dab of foundation, a quick streak of eye liner and Kohl and that favorite lip color. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes of the day and you look great as soon as you enter the office.

It’s all about developing habits that save you time.

  1. Less is More

Remember you are there for work and not at a party. The corporate or office look is the best when it is minimal. Overdoing makeup is just not appropriate.

Clothes that are too bright or too contrasting to your complexion is not what I would recommend for office. Use a subtle lip color, wear colors that suit your skin tone, the lesser the ornaments, the better. Sometimes less is more.

  1. Sleep Well

No matter how well you have dressed up for the office and how beautifully you have concealed those dark circles if you’ve not had enough sleep the night before, it shows. You are bound to look grumpy.

Our busy lives do not permit us to, but it is a known fact that we all need at least 8 hours of sound sleep every day. If you sleep well, you tend to be more productive the next day. No eye roll-on is going to work better on your dark circles and puffy eyes than the right amount of sleep.

  1. The Food You Eat

The food that you eat has strange effects on your skin. Eat plenty of fruits; they are rich in antioxidants that slow the aging process. Drink a lot of water. It helps wash away all the toxins that your body contains.

Avoid alcohol and soft drinks. They contain a high amount of sugar and are age accelerators. The benefits of eating healthy might not be visible instantly, but eating good and in the correct proportions will make your skin glow.

Being a working woman and a jack of all trades blogger is not an easy job. You have to take care of a million small things like cooking breakfast for your husband and kids, making sure your kids have finished their homework, write that brilliant blog post and reach office on time. You must give your best to your work and your family. Then why miss out on yourself?

Author Bio:

Shweta Sharma is a yoga fanatic. She blogs at CEO Hangout and Trainer Hangout

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